Here’s What We Know About The Mystery Man Of Mr.Nag’s RCB Insider Show – Mr.Kalveer


For a die-hard RCB fan, Mr. Nags is like a family. The audiences can, therefore, relate to him since the accent, habit is similar, therefore relatability is high. He is in a goof of his own, not noticing that the world thinks of him as an idiot. However, on a random interview with a superstar from RCB dugout, there is a Common dialogue Mr. Nags uses and that is ‘Kalveer cut it’. Now many people wonder who is this Kalveer? Who is this Mystery Man?

Breaking the curiosity, the man behind the cameras is non-other then Kalveer Biradar. From capturing winning moments to following the players in the swimming pool or at after-parties, Biradar was there to capture every moment of Royal Challengers Banglore.


The 30-year-old is from Bijapur, an Engineer who graduated from PES Institute of Technology. For Kalveer, cricket only meant for just watching RCB matches. However, started by enrolling for RCB’s Fantastic Fans contest in 2010, is now an official videographer of the RCB team.


Kalveer traveled with the team everywhere, lived with them in the same hotel, eat with the players and got the chance to ask all crazy question with the RCB superstars. No wonder he calls this a dream job a very fewer people get in their life.


With the popular youtube show RCB insider with Mr. Nags, Danish Sait has earned himself a lot of popularity. The videos have got a good response and people have liked the content. Moreover, the name Nags is a cooler version of Nagraj. Kalveer Biradar creates videos of Mr. Nags who goofs around RCB players asking stupid and funny questions.


Interestingly, Kalveer was the official photographer who captured the moment of ABD proposing his Girlfriend in front of the Taj Mahal.





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