Kalasipalya Market To Be Moved Full-Time To Electronic City

Kalasipalya Market
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One of the oldest markets of the Bengaluru city, Kalasipalya market is likely to be shifted to Electronic City. As of now, because of the corona effect, the market was temporarily shifted there but looks like the move might be retained in the future.

With the coronavirus outbreak engulfing the entire country and eventually the city, there was raising concerns over sanitation in high-density places in the city. Kalasipalya market also being one of those places. Along with sanitation, it was being increasingly difficult to maintain social distancing, the market was temporarily shifted to Electronics City last week.


The Market set to retain in Electronics City

On Saturday, the Cooperation Minister ST Somashekar paid a visited the makeshift market and said that the moves were underway to retain the market permanently at the new location along the Hosur road beyond Electronics City Phase 2. Karee Gowda, Director of the Department of Agricultural Marketing, advocated that the move could help the market commercially with a wider space. While the area available at Kalasipalya market was only 2 acres, the new makeshift market has close to 41 acres. According to Gowda, there are plans for developing the area into a high-end market like the neighboring fruit market on Huskur road.

Kalasipalya Market (1)
Courtesy: TripAdvisor

The land at the makeshift market was unused for years as it was under litigation. The case has been decided in the government’s favor. The land has now been bulldozed and leveled. The market now has a dusty stretch of seven lines of fruit and vegetable stalls. The land also has potable water and toilet facilities.

The Kalasipalya Market is said to be the oldest market in the city. As per historian Suresh Moona, a century-old and older than the famous KR Market, the Kalasipalya market established in the year 1920s.


Speaking to the media, the Cooperation Minister said,

“The Kalasipalya market was operational in the city for many years. Because of this COVID-19 effect, however, there was a lot of rush there and people were unable to maintain social distancing. Therefore, it was decided to shift that market here.”

The total number of cases reported in the state is 144 while 51 of them have been reported from Bengaluru City.