Here’s Why You Should Plan For This Beautiful City Called Kalasa in Chikmagalur


A holy temple town in the Chikkamagaluru district, Kalasa is a perfect getaway for almost every part of the year. It contains the perfect balance of spirituality, serenity and nature’s beauty. MetroSaga brings to you reasons why you must head out to Kalasa.

Why Kalasa?

An important story behind this place suggests that during Lord Shiva’s wedding to Goddess Parvati, the attendance of all the gods and goddesses in the Himalayas caused a shift in the Earth’s rotation. This is when Lord Shiva requested Rishi Agastya to travel southwards. Rishi Agastya, however, desired to witness the wedding. This is when Lord Shiva granted him a divine vision, to observe the wedding from any possible location. This is when Rishi Agastya traveled southwards and resided at Kalasa.


To this day, there are some who claim that a pilgrimage to Kalasa is holier than a pilgrimage to Varanasi.


The place itself

Kalasa is surrounded by the Bhadra river on three sides with the Duggappana Katte Hill at the South. The Kalaseshwara Temple is located on top of the hill. It is located at an altitude of 307 km above sea level.



Besides the Kalaseshwara Temple, there are several others, such as the Girijamba Temple, the Hanuman Temple, the Venkataramana Temple, the Ranjal Mahalakshmi Temple, and the Vashishtha Ashram.


The Pancha Theertha

Kalasa has 5 major water spots, each located 8 km away from the town. Together, they are known as the Pancha Theertha (Five Sacred Waters)

Vashistha Theertha – Named after Rishi Vashishtha

Naga Theertha – Named after the snake god. It is said that bathing here removes any Nagashapa/naga dosha


Koti Theertha – To signify the Koti Devatha who stated here to please Rishi Agasthya during the first Girja Kalyana.

Rudra Theertha – Named after Lord Shiva.

Amba Theertha – Named after Goddess Parvathi.


things to do in kalasa

The Festivals

The festivals here are celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and can be witnessed every year.

They are:

Girija Kalyana: This festival celebrates the wedding of Shiva and Parvathi.

Kalasa Car Festival: This is the Rathotsava where the Utsava Murthi or the procession idol is taken throughout the town.


Venkataramana Swamy Car Festival: This is the Rathotsava where the idol of Venkataramana Swamy is taken through the town.

Places you must not miss out:

Hanging Bridge

The Hanging Bridge at Kalasa is a suspension bridge at Amba Tirtha. The view from the bridge is surreal and offers you an unforgettable experience.


Tea and Coffee Plantations

Kalasa’s location in Chikmagalur blesses it with plenty of tea and coffee plantations nearby. A tour of these plantations is a unique and unforgettable experience, as you witness the journey taken by the tea leaves and coffee beans before you get to relish them.

Image Credits – Nagesh Raw Star Photography

Don’t wait up, Bengaluru! Pack your bags and get going! Happy adventures.

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