Explore Dandeli Like A Local With This Budget-Friendly Homestay Called Kadumane

Kadumane Homestay

Many people spend their workdays indoors under fluorescent lights and in front of computers, then return home to sprawl in the glow of television or Mobile screens. We have all at one point or another, felt like we are running in an endless circle to nowhere. However, holidays are a way for people to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and celebrate things worth living for.

A beautiful holiday home away from home is an ideal way to spend your holidays with friends, family and loved once. Indeed, if you are looking for a place to connect yourself with nature then come to Kadumane Homestay.

It is located in an unspoiled and pristine environment, of the Potoli Village with fresh air and the musical sounds of nature. Spread in 3 acres, this homestay is known for its friendly hospitality. It is an earthen house built in authentic and homely style where the guests will experience the simple, earthly ambiance throughout the year.

Kadumane Homestay

Kadumane Attractions:

Eco-Friendly Cottages

Cottages are built with an eco-friendly and modern concept with stones and locally available materials. Moreover, the guesthouse is for those who are adventurous in spirit, exposed to living in the great outdoors, tents are the right choice.

Kadumane Homestay

Collection of Medicinal Herbs

Walk down across some of the rich collection of medicinal herbs. These herbs can be extremely potent. It does not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of such plants. Many believe you can heal the body naturally from many ailments just by consuming the right herb.

Kadumane Homestay

Herbal Steam Bath

They also have a Herbal Steam Bath, which is a perfect therapy for toning the skin and giving it a special glow. It helps reduce skin acne by cleansing and dilating the pores and washing out toxin accumulation. One can just relax and rejuvenate themselves.

Kadumane Homestay

Honeybee Interaction

Visitors can explore the honey bee hives and know the beneficial effect on wild bee habitats.

Kadumane Homestay

Home cooked food

Tickle your tastebuds with highly hygienic and healthy food prepared by our expert culinary staff. Guests can enjoy meals in the open dining area feasting their eyes with pictures taken by passionate nature lovers. They also have a kitchenette which allows you to cook your own meals.

Kadumane Homestay

Night Fire camp

The hotel arranges a campfire for big groups. You can gaze at the beautiful stars, enjoy with your close friends and family as you relax in the peaceful ambiance.

Kadumane Homestay

Adventure Activities and Places To Visit

For fun and adventure, you can indulge in trekking, kayaking, hiking and bird watching. On the other hand, you can also visit the famous tourist destinations such as River Kali at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and the Anshi National Park.

Kadumane Homestay

How to reach?

Kadumane Homestay is just 12 km away from Dandeli. It be can be reached through Hubli Airport or Alnavar Railway Station.




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