Justice Delivered: Nameplates in Kannada Made Compulsory For Shops In Bengaluru

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The state’s higher authorities have ordered the shops to have a nameplate written in Kannada compulsory. The BBMP officials have been directed to cancel the license of the commercial establishments that do not have 60 percent of the name board in the state language.

Boards in Kannada, compulsory!

Recently, the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) had led a meeting with the BBMP officials regarding the nameplates of commercial establishments. Making Kannada compulsory, from November 1, the shops that do not have nameplates in the Kannada language may run themselves in big trouble.


However, the boards are permitted to have 40% English, while the remaining should be in Kannada. If they do not implement this from November 1, BBMP may cancel their licenses and the display boards will be demolished by the city authority.

source: indianexpress

Shops licenses may be canceled for breaking the rule

Talking about the new Law the, newly elected Bengaluru Mayor, M Gowtham Kumar said, “Shops, eateries, commercial establishments, and the multiplex need to have the information in Kannada. The boards are allowed to have 40% English, while the remaining should be in Kannada. If they do not do this from November 1, we will cancel their licenses.”

The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961 (Rule 24-A), which states says: “The nameplates of every establishment should be in Kannada and if any other language is used, it should be below the account.”


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It is to be noticed that many shops in the Bengaluru just have English display boards. Last year BBMP was directed to eliminate the license of the shops that do not have 60 percent of the nameplates in the state language, although it was not effectively executed. This year the civic body has been directed to take strict measures against the lawbreakers.