Just In: Dawood Ibrahim Close-Aide Arrested In Nepal ; Don Begs ISI To Give Security Cover

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The return of Narendra Modi has brought a new enthusiasm among most of the Indians with the stock market reaching an all-time high. But apart from the opposition parties, there are a few others who are even now in a shock and are still unable to come to terms with the massive win and growing popularity of Modi. One such man is the underworld king Dawood Ibrahim. And he has reasons for fearing Modi. 

Dawood Close-Aide Caught With Fake Indian Currencies

Yunus Ansari, a close aide of Dawood has been arrested in Nepal for the possession of fake Indian currency amounting to Rs.7.5 crore. The officials from Nepal also arrested three Pakistani nationals who were accompanying Ansari.


According to the sources, Ansari was caught carrying out illegal ISI activities in the country. Incidentally, he is also the son of Saleem Ansari, a former minister from Nepal and The very close associate to Dawood got in touch with the D-gang during his stint in jail.

The arrest of Ansari and the other three Pakistani nationals has given a big jolt to Dawood’s anti-Indian activities. Also, it has given India yet another evidence to prove the involvement of the D-Company in carrying out illegal activities that can help India tighten the trap against Dawood.

Shocked Dawood Begs ISI To Give Security Cover

Dawood has been hiding in Pakistan for more than two decades now. During his last term, Modi made sure that most of the black businesses operated by Dawood were stopped and many of his allies were either killed or caught.


But now Dawood fears that the government of India after Narendra Modi comes to power for his second term may even try to get hands on him.

Already Modi government has seized multiple illegal properties of the don in the last few years. Brother of Dawood, Iqbal Kaskar was also brought in India after Modi took over the office. The arrest of Ansari is yet another blow to Dawood. 

dawood ibrahim

Panicked Dawood Ibrahim Meets ISI Officials

According to the Intelligence agencies sources, Dawood Ibrahim was hopeful that his good times will return after the defeat of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in the LS Elections 2019. But after Modi’s historic win the underworld don has been desperate to arrange for his security and even called some senior Pakistan’s Intelligence agency (ISI) officers and expressed his fear.


It should be noted that during his tenure of five years after taking over the prime ministership for the first time in 2014, Modi had made sure that all the accomplices and aides of Dawood were cut off from him. But now the don fears that this time Modi might go ahead a step further and even reach Dawood by putting pressure on Pakistan on the international platform.

During his meeting with the Army and ISI officials, Dawood seemed seriously worried over the growing popularity of PM Modi and also India’s growing ties with Israel and the US. That is why he urged the officials to keep him safe from the security agencies of India.

dawood ibrahim

Dawood Afraid Of Modi’s Reach

Post the Uri surgical strike and the Balakot air strike after Pulwama attack Pakistan and it’s all supporters have got one thing clear in their minds that under the leadership of Modi, India will always give a befitting reply.


India managed to force China to declare Masood Azhar as a terrorist in the UNO very diplomatically. So, now Dawood Ibrahim thinks that Modi can even reach him using his diplomatic tactics and international influence.

According to retired IPS officer PK Jain, lot of equations are going to change on the international front after Narendra Modi adorns office for the second time as PM. Jain believes that Pakistan and Dawood both are feeling the pinch of psychological pressure right now which is sure to increase further during the regime of Modi.

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NSA Doval Is Already Developing Plans

The kind of pressure Modi government exerts on Islamabad will also decide whether Dawood has to compulsorily return to India or not. The don is already fearful that Modi will do everything possible to bring him back and that the Indian security agencies will launch operations to trap him.  

Since the friendship between Israel and the US became very strong during the last regime of Modi, Dawood feels that the American Intelligence Agency CIA and security agency of Israel, Mossad will also help the Indian security officials in extracting Dawood from Pakistan.    


The National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval has already started working on the plans to get hands-on Dawood and his gang. Senior journalist S Balakrishnan said that Doval and his team will sooner or later definitely decimate Dawood and his group.