The Journey Of Kannada Rapper Chandan Shetty And Reasons Why He Is The Gully Boy Of Karnataka

chandan shetty

The life of an artist is never an easy one. It is beset with hardships and discouragement. It takes tremendous effort and seems like it takes nothing short of a miracle for an artist to get a break and make it big in the world where competitions are high and talent is hard to spot. When it does happen to the deserving, it changes their lives drastically. One such artist from Karnataka who rose from nothing is Chandan Shetty.

Today, everyone is talking about rap artists and the reason being the buzz created by an upcoming Bollywood movie titled ‘Gully Boy’. It is true that the movie has got people once again interested in rap artists. Here we take a look at reasons why Chandan Shetty is Karnataka’s best example of a successful rap artist who made it from the bottom to the very top.

1. Pride of Karnataka

Chandan Shetty was born on September 17, 1989, at Shanthigrama in Hassan District. He finished his schooling at Rotary School in Sakleshpur and his PUC at St. Philomena at Puttur, Karnataka. The famous rap artist also has a BBM degree from Vidya Vikas, Mysore. He is proud of his heritage and has truly taken the rap world in South India by a storm.

chandan shetty

2. Born in simplicity

The family was one of modest means. He has his father Mr. Paramesh who is a businessman and mother Ms. Prema being a housewife. His family wasn’t wealthy and could be considered as middle-class and yet, Chandan Shetty was rich when it came to his talents.

3. Worked from the bottom

Chandan’s first job was at a call center where he worked for an entire year. His debut into the music industry was in 2012 as lyricist and assistant music director for the movie Alemari. He worked under the music director Arjun Janya who was one of the first to see Chandan Shetty’s talents.

The famous rap artist has always been grateful to Arjun Janya for having recognized his talents. The rap artist also credits his friends who have been with him even during his most difficult times.

chandan shetty

4. The pursuit of Excellence Despite Struggle

Karnataka’s rap star has always pursued success and excellence even during hard times. The life of his was one filled with many hardships and yet his focus was always on music. His mind never wavered from thoughts of the recording room, his guitar and penning his next song. Time passed and his hard work and practice paid off in the long run. However, his early days were one of extreme simplicity and frugality.

journey of chandan shetty

5. Claim to fame

After working under Arjun Janya in Alermari, he worked in a few other films such as Varadanayaka, Power, Chakravyuha, and Bhajarangi. Chandan’s film scores, soundtracks, and songs are really good to listen to. However, his true claim to fame and success come from his singles which he made as a solo artist. His songs such as “Chocolate Girl”, “Tequila” and “Halagode” have millions of views and are some of his best hits.

The song titled “3 PEG” has over fifty million views on YouTube and have his fans calling him Karnataka’s best rap artist. Clearly, there is nobody close enough to even compete with his catchy lyrics and raps.

chandan shetty

6. People’s favorite

It is quite apparent from his performance in the reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 that Karnataka rap star Chandan Shetty is a people’s favorite. He never behaved in a rash manner nor did he do anything to hurt the sentiments of the other contestants. He maintained cordial relations with everyone and won the hearts of the audiences with his good nature and his musical compositions. Eventually, he also won the coveted trophy along with a cash prize of fifty lakhs.

chandan shetty

7. Well Earned Success

Chandan’s hard work and phenomenal rise in the industry have surprised many. His songs have never failed to get the youths dancing. This lyrical genius has made Kannadigas proud. Despite his success, he remains modest and thanked his well-wishers and supporters after winning the Bigg Boss Kannada 5. The Kannada Rap King’s songs continue to remain a hit. He and his journey has clearly been one of the best artist success stories we have seen.

chandan shetty

With Chandan Shetty’s songs being instant hits, we are sure that his musical talent will always be in need. We eagerly await his next work and wish him the best of luck on all his future endeavors and hope that he continues making Karnataka proud wherever he goes.

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