Jawa Motorbike Returns: 10 Things To Know About This Legendary Two-Wheeler

jawa motorbike

Indian bike enthusiasts have loved the Jawa bike for a long time. It is undoubtedly the best piece of news for them that Jawa Motorcycles have decided to make a comeback after 22 long years. India immediately fell in love with Jawa bikes during the 1960’s and 70’s, when the brand was in its prime. It was then that the bike represented everything ‘hip’ and ‘cool’. This is why Jawa continued to live on amidst enthusiasts, owners, and loyalists. It is for this reason that Jawa Motorcycles will be making a comeback in India. This time the machines will be meaner, sturdier and better than ever. Here are some interesting facts about these beauties!

Czech? Check!

Jawa Motorbike finds its origins in the Czech Republic, during World War I. Engineer Frantisek Janecek had purchased the motorcycle business Wanderer from German manufacturer Winklhofer & Jaenicke in 1929, besides the design and tooling for the Wanderer 500 motorcycle.


What’s in a name?

He renamed it to Jawa, taking the first two letters from each, “Janecek” and “Wanderer”. This is how the name “Jawa” came to be.

Jawa motorbike

Riding after the War

Post World War II, exports to the allied countries dropped behind the Iron Curtain while that to third world countries soared. The company now had motorcycles including the very popular Perak and Californian.

facts about jawa motorbike

Love in India

Jawa motorbike enjoyed a cult following in India, in the 1960’s and 70’s. This is why we have so many vintage bike enthusiasts who have till now had a nostalgic association with Jawa bikes.


The Japanese Inquisition

In the 1980’s, India had caught on with globalization which led to the entry of Honda and Yamaha bikes into the Indian market. Owing to their better fuel efficiency and lower costs, they were able to oust Jawa in a highly competitive market.

jawa motorbike

The comeback

Talking about the revival of the brand, Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra group said, “It’s rare to get an opportunity to resurrect a legend. Jawa is an authentic and iconic brand that represents the desire and yearning in all of us for freedom and adventure.”

Bigger, meaner, better

The new Jawa bikes are tough and would definitely give the likes of Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson a run for their money. The 300 cc engines offer a generous mid-range torque.


jawa motorbike

The Indian Touch

The Jawa motorbike brand has returned to India as part of the Classic Legends Private Ltd., a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. The new variants will be sold under this company, whilst utilizing Mahindra’s resources which include the R&D center and the production facilities.

Taking the Enfield by its horns

The Jawa is a 300 cc retro-styled cruiser, taking the fight straight to Royal Enfield’s 350 cc range. The Jawa 300 takes you back to the original bikes from the 1970-80s that ruled the Indian roads, albeit the new bike gets a modern heart and mechanical parts.

facts about jawa motorbike

Built with tech, loaded with class

The new Jawa bikes are not only technologically up to date, but also economically priced for the Indian market. Added to that is a touch of timelessness and loads of nostalgia. This is why Jawa looks to be a ruler of the Indian roads.


So, this was about a few interesting facts about Jawa motorbike. We hope you found this article informative.


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