Jamia Millia Professor Suspended: Mentioned He Had Failed 15 Non-Muslim Students

Dr, Abrar Ahmed
Dr, Abrar Ahmed

Jamia Millia Islamia faculty Dr. Abrar Ahmed has been suspended by the university following a tweet by the professor, in which he reportedly mentioned that he had failed 15 of his non-Muslim students.

A controversial tweet

Here is what Dr. Abrar Ahmed wrote on his Twitter account.


“All my students r passed except 15 non-muslims, who’ve to re-appear #CAA. If you protest #CAAProtests, I have 55 students in my favour#caasupport. The majority will teach U a lesson if protest not ends. #riot. Due to corona, your symbols of #protest be erased. I wonder why they hate me?”

Following widespread criticism, Dr. Abrar AHmed removed the tweet from his account.

Dr, Abrar Ahmed
Dr. Abrar Ahmed

JMU suspends the professor

Later on, Jamia Millia Islamia university suspended the professor, citing his tweet, on grounds of inciting communal disharmony. The university also proceeded with an inquiry against Dr. Abrar Ahmed.

Dr. Abrar responds

In a social-media post, Abrar reverted that his tweets were taken in the wrong sense. Here is what he wrote:


“It is sheer misunderstanding and misinterpretation. It was satire, parody, a co-relation to explain how minorities are being targeted by CAA and it would be as bad as a teacher saying ‘that all minority students are failed and have to reappear”

He said that no examination was conducted during this time and all his students had passed in the examination. He further argued that in the past 12 years of his teaching career, there were no communal discrimination complaints against him. With an impending inquiry, Dr. Abrar was confident that all of this was going to end soon, as the truth would come out.