Jackie Chan Vs SRK : When Jackie Chan’s Son Was Arrested With Drug Charges

Today the big name of the Bollywood industry the Khan’s has been tarnished after a drug bust by SRK’s son Aryan Khan on a Goa based cruise liner in a rave party. Aryan Khan has been sent to Arthur Road jail for two-week judicial custody. Well, this scenario is not something that can be cherished by any father and at the same time Shah Rukh Khan is not the first film star who finds himself in a rather peculiar position. But he has a lot to learn from how others handle such drug busts within the family, and how they publicly denounce drug consumption. The best example to follow in such a case is that of Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is a world-famous actor, director, and martial artist from China and once he had faced a similar condition.

Jackie Chan’s Son Was Caught With Drugs

Superstar Jackie Chan faced a similar situation in 2014. And this was a far more peculiar one. During that time, the legendary actor was the Narcotics Control Ambassador for the Chinese police.



                               Jaycee Chan was arrested

Jaycee Chan – Jackie’s son had put him in quite a difficult position. The star’s son was arrested in Beijing in 2014 on drugs charges. The Chinese police had confirmed that they found more than 3.5 ounces of marijuana in Jaycee Chan’s house. The actor’s 32-year-old son was tested positive for having consumed the prohibited substance. He was busted alongside a Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, and a third person, known as Mr. Song, who was charged for circulating the drugs uncovered at the property.

How did Jackie React?

Jackie Chan was left embarrassed due to the antics of his son. Also, being a superstar in China, and having a son who likes fooling around is hardly a position anyone wants to be in. When the time came to respond to the situation, Jackie had apologised before the whole world. He had appeared before the media after Jaycee was charged and said, “I feel very ashamed.” At the very same time he expressed his disappointment in his son as he wrote on social media, “I am very angry with my son’s actions and I feel ashamed.”

What’s SRK’s Stance On His Son?

In a 1997 video, Shah Rukh Khan is seen being interviewed by Simi Garewal, for her show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’. In the interview, Shah Rukh proudly boasts that he will spoil his son Aryan once he grows a little older. On being asked about raising Aryan, Shah Rukh said, “I have just told him that he can run after girls. Smoke as much as he wants. He can do drugs, can have sex. He can womanize.” But today SRK has never been in the spotlight or faced the media. Further updates are yet to come…. However, it is clearly evident how Jackie Chan, despite being a superstar, refrained from protecting his son after committing illegal acts and this must be a lesson for other stars as well.