This 60-Year-Old Iyer Mess in Malleswaram Serves The Most Delicious Banana Leaf Oota

iyer mess

Had a crazy weekend binge? Need some comfort food? Head straight to Iyer Mess and let the simplicity of good, wholesome food nourish you at extremely pocket-friendly prices. Also recommended when you have to treat non-Bangaloreans to an authentic South Indian food experience. This is heaven to food lovers or home food seekers. Making way for a hearty meal this Iyer Mess in Bangalore is a real bliss to the people of the town.

A 60-Year-Old Lunch Mess

Iyer Mess is a Tamil-Brahmin eatery for authentic Iyer cuisine. It occupies a favorable location at Malleswaram, 8th cross, west park road. Established in the year 1959, this place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to pure veg authentic south Indian appreciated cuisines. It’s a no-frills eatery with a simple set menu and is open only for lunch and dinner.

iyer mess

The Menu Of Iyer Mess

Located in a small room of a house, Iyer Mess is essentially a series of tables, each topped with fresh banana leaves. With a board that says “Veg Homely Meals” leading to the eatery, this hole in the wall spot serves just that. The food comprises of typical South Indian menu of rice, sambar, rasam, palya, gojju and chutney, pickle, yogurt, vada, and papad. On Sundays, the menu features a special Thali with lip-smacking butter-milk sambar and payasam.

Rice, chapathi, vegetable curry, rasam, sambar, pickle, curd, vada, and papad is served in a quick-style of service. The mess holds its specialty in especially sambar, rice and rasam. Impeccable hygiene, quality, and prices have customers coming back each time. The food here is just like home cooked food and it gives you a soothing feeling. Remember the sumptuous meal that leaves one filled till the brim is priced just Rs 55, awesome isn’t?

iyer mess

A Perfect Banana Leaf Meal

You buy a meal token, take a seat, and open a fresh banana leaf already on the table. Soon enough, a row of servers arrives holding little buckets full of sambar and rasam. You will be served a mound of rice, along with piping hot sambar and rasam, two vegetable dishes, papad and a bowl of fresh curd. The entire operation runs with clockwork precision. You find a seat, you eat, you get up, and you leave satisfied.

iyer mess

Special Menu on Sunday

People who live away from home say that it is only because of Iyer mess that they don’t miss home. The food is very hygienic with no adulteration whatsoever. It does not affect your stomach and body in any manner. On Sundays, they serve Majjige-Huli {a buttermilk-based pumpkin sambar} and Payasam {milk-based dessert}. Both these special items send us straight to heaven and are highly recommended.

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Everyone’s Favorite

The various services offered at the venue include pure vegetarian. The restaurant welcomes guests from 11:30-07:00 – 15:30-21:00 allowing diners to relish a scrumptious meal between the functional hours. The mess makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food all at affordable prices. No wonder then that this epicurean institution has been standing tall at the same spot since 1959.

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iyer mess

No Change in Taste

The customers visiting the mess since the ‘90s say that there has been no change in taste and they are still doing well. Strewn with tables topped with fresh banana leaves, this eatery is known for its homely vegetarian meals. Iyer mess is a true abode for rich South Indian flavours.

If you want a pure home like food outside, you should straight away be heading to this outstanding, historic, age-old Brahmin mess which is simply at its best since ages. 

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