Iyer Idli in Bengaluru Has to be Your Next Destination for Sakkath Idlies and Chindi Chutney

iyer idli

Who doesn’t loved Idlies? Being a South-Indian and a resident of Bengaluru, Idlies have become a part of our daily routine. It has so well-blended that it has become an emotional component of city’s food culture. Idli that tastes heaven with chutney and a piece of Vada coupled with Sambar is something which has become everyone’s favorite over the years. You might have eaten Idlies in so many places but here is a popular Idli point in Bengaluru which serves Idlis of first-class quality. If you are a hardcore Idli lover then make time for Iyer Idli.

An Absolute Treat for Idli Lovers

Iyer Idli is a tiny food point, a pretty-old one which has mastered the art of Idli making like none other in the city. They prepare Idlies on demand and it will be piping hot when served on plates. There is no second thought about the softness of Iyer Idli and they have maintained it for years. The super-soft idlies coupled with chutney will not even wait for a second to melt in your mouth.


If we are not exaggerating then Idlies here are so fluffy that one can gobble them without chutney. However, we have to talk about the chutney being served here. It is an absolute killer! Mark our words, you won’t find chutney of this kind anywhere in Bengaluru. We have seen people asking chutney for 5 times to finish 4 idlies. It is that yumm!

iyer idli

Limited Hours & Always Crowded

Iyer Idli is available only for morning breakfast and it will be always crowded brimmed with foodies like you and us. You hardly find a place to sit though they have chairs put outside. Usually, people come here for parcels carrying lunch boxes and you see many of them during 7-9 AM. Iyer Idli is one of the most loved and celebrated food addas, just like another home for the local residents.

Rs.10 for a Big-Sized Idli

If you are low on cash and still want to eat the best quality Idlies then you should come here. Even if you are a heavy eater, the price will never exceed Rs.100 for two. It costs Rs.10 for a Big-Sized Idli and easily you can have 2-3 idlies and walk out with a full stomach for just Rs.30. Earlier the cost used to be Rs.8/Idli but now they have revised the price. Still, it is dirt cheap considering the taste and quality offered.


iyer idli

Tip: Visit as early as possible. It will be crowded. Be prepared for it. Prefer parcel than eating at the venue if you are in a hurry.

Note: Batter and Chutney powder are available for purchase.

So, when are you making time for Iyer Idli? Do make time because it is going to be a kickass food expedition.


Open: 6:30 AM – 11:30 AM (Mon, Fri, Thu) and 7 AM – 11 AM (Sat, Sun, Tue)

Where: Kariyappa Building, Kuvempu Road, Vignan Nagar, New Tippasandra, Bengaluru

Location Details:


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