‘It’s Big Time People Are Realizing It’s Kannada And Not Kannad’: Yash Speaking On KGF’s Emotion

On speaking to the reporter Yash talked about how KGF was more than an emotion. And how the film brought the world’s attention towards the Kannada industry, respecting our language too.

Spotlighting Kannada Industry 

A reporter from Mumbai questioned Yash about how well did this film spotlighted Kannada to the whole world. And how KGF is an emotion to him.


In reply, the 36-year-old said, ” To have a film like KGF, there is a need for a director like Prashanth Neel. It is because of his ideas and thoughts the film came into existence. KGF was a dream a long time ago, we all wanted this dream to come true.”

‘It’s not Kannad it’s Kannada’

“We wanted to showcase our industry (Sandalwood), we wanted to produce something big out of it. We wanted the whole world to watch us. Earlier, looking at our industry people use to say Kannad movie, it’s not Kannad it’s Kannada. I hope people are realizing now,” said Yash, and claps were heard in the hall.

“It all starts from here, our motive was to bring that respect to the industry and we did it. Luckily, we got this guy (referring to Prashanth Neel) who carried a vision and skills, and Vijay Kiragandur who always wanted to keep the Kannada Industry on the world stage. And this is how we all came together and did it.”


“KGF will always be close to my heart. The movie is a pride not only for us but also for the fans who show the love and support,” Yash concludes.