Italy Restaurants Do Away With Paper menus, Introduces QR Code Scanned Menus

As the lockdowns around the world start to ease, the business look for alternatives to stay safe from the possible spread of the novel coronavirus and thereby creating a safe environment for customers to come in.

In Italy, several hotels and restaurants are beginning to open up and most of them have ditched the traditional paper menus. They have switched to the modern contactless QR code system. With this, the restaurants are making sure to give the customer a hygienic experience. A 53-year-old Italian local, Stefano Prati visited the Da Enzo restaurant in the Trastevere neighborhood and ate a plate of Pasta alla carbonara. He said,


“Finally after two and a half months of imprisonment, I have managed to come out, not just to go to the supermarket but to a restaurant. It’s great satisfaction and if you eat well, it is even better.”

Italy restaurants
Courtesy: Reuters

The owner of the restaurant Maria Chiara Di Felice is happy to see customers adapting to the new way. She said,

“They’re a bit surprised at first, some fear they won’t be able to use it, but then they realize it’s very easy and they’re happy.”

All Safety Measures Incorporated

All the safety measures have been incorporated by the restaurants across the country. The chefs wear masks, gloves, and safety goggles as they prepare the food. The tables have been reduced in restaurants and are kept at a 1-meter distance from each other. After the customers leave, the staff will disinfect the tables and the chairs.

A similar model is incorporated by the Chennai metro rail which has a foot-operated elevator. As of now, the idea is put to effect in the CMRL Admin building in Koyambedu. It is likely to be incorporated in metro stations across the city.


Italy was one of the most severely affected countries. Italy, which is on a path to recovery, has reported over 233,197 cases of COVID-19 with 158,355 successfully recovering from the disease. Italy still has 41,000 active cases out of which 424 are critical. Italy has the third-worst mortality rate with over 33,000 deaths due to the disease. In terms of the number of cases, India is one place behind and in seventh place overall.

Source: India Times