‘It Was My Rebellion Against Patriarchy’, Mallika Sherawat On Changing Her Name After Dad Said She’d Tarnish Family Name

Mallika Sherawat is one of the controversial names in the Bollywood film industry. She is always spontaneous enough to lash out at many sensitive incidents and often end up at some controversies. Whether it be in front of the media or before anyone else she has her own set of views and never budges from her ideologies. In one of her recent interviews she openly spoke about changing her name as a revenge to this patriarchal society.

Changing Her Name Was A Revenge

Mallika Sherawat was born as Reema Lamba. The actor, in a recent interview revealed that she changed her name after her father said she would tarnish the family’s reputation if she entered the film industry. The actor was born as Reema Lamba and ran away from home to become an actor in Bollywood.


Mallika said that; she adopted her mother’s maiden name, Sherawat; she has now revealed what prompted her to change her name. “It was my rebellion against patriarchy because my father said, ‘Ye filmo mein jayegi, parivaar ka naam kharab karegi, main tereko disown karta hoon (She will enter the film industry, she will ruin the family name, I disown you).’ Maine kaha, ‘Main tumhara naam hi disown karti hoon. Tum kya mujhe disown karoge (I told him that I disown your name). Yes, you’re my dad, I respect you, I love you, main apni maa ka naam use karungi (But I’ll use my mother’s name).’ So I used Sherawat, it’s my mother’s name,” she said.

Mallika Still Bitter With Her Family

Mallika’s relationship with her family remained severed for years. In the same interview, Mallika said that over the years, the sourness has reduced. “It’s still not the best I would say, but with age everyone softens,” she added.

Mallika’s debut in the limelight was through her bold scenes in murder and she is iften reffered for such riles in the industry. She starred in numerous films such as Khwahish, Welcome, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, and Dasavatharam. Internationally, she did films such as The Myth, with Jackie Chan, and Politics of Love.


Well, it’s a matter of choice at the same time and perceiving the culture. Some families carry orthodox beliefs, while some are loose enough to run accordingly with passing time.