“It was just this ‘Stunned Silence’, couldn’t get out of my seat”, Anupama glorifies Kantara

Anupama Chopra calls Kantara stunning, mesmerizing, thrilling, and whatnot. The film critic honors Rishab Shetty’s film in a unique way.

Kantara’s success

The past few years have been exceptional for South cinema. They created multiple blockbuster movies like Pushpa, KGF 2, RRR, Vikram, Kartikeya 2, and Kantara. All the movies did well across India, while most Bollywood movies struggled to make an impact.


But the movie that stood out this year is Kantara. Rishab Shetty’s film is one of its kind film which was made for the Kannada audience but later it boomed out with a fantastic response from the audience which later had to be dubbed in other languages due to audience demand.

Anupama honors Rishab Shetty

Not just the audience, but even popular Critic Anupama Chopra was stunned by the film’s presentation. So much so that the 55-year-old ranked the Kannada film at No. 2 in her list of Top 5 best movies of 2022.

“My first response to Kantara was just this ‘stunned silence’. The imagery, action, and climax were so mesmerizing that I couldn’t get out of my seat. A superb mix of folklore and masala, Kantara is layered and emotionally resonant, but also dramatically propulsive and thrilling,” says Anupama.


“Director, writer, and leading man Rishab Shetty creates a haunting story rooted in the traditions of coastal Karnataka which also addresses cast, the environment, spirituality, and laws. I suspect Shiva is not done yet and there will be a sequel that I can’t wait for,” she adds.

All about Kantara

Meanwhile, Kantara has emerged as one of the most promising films of 2022 in terms of return on investment. Made on a fairly low budget of around Rs 16 crore, the film spinning around mysterious customs, traditions, and local folklore jolted the whole crowd. Directed by Rishab, the film was released on September 30 and got a massive response from the audience for its storyline and amazing visuals.

Produced by Vijay Kiragandur and Chaluve Gowda, under Hombale Films, the film also featured Sapthami Gowda and Kishore Kumar G in pivotal roles.