It Happened in Bengaluru: Men’s Rights Activists Perform ‘Kumbhakarna’ Puja For Peaceful Sleep 

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Claiming to have lost peaceful sleep, Male rights activists perform Kumbhakarana Puja on Sunday. The men’s rights group made a peaceful protest stating that they have lost their peaceful sleep because of women hitting out false cases against them.

Kumbhakarana puja

The Kumbhakarana puja was held at Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) in Jayanagara T Block where activists took part and performed rituals. SIFF is a non-profitable and non-funded organization that fights against the misuse of Indian laws.

A 40-year-old software professional, Suprakash Khuntia said that there is no system in India to protect men’s rights as everyone is favoring women. He further said that most of the activists who participated in the pooja were the victim of false cases over domestic violence, child custody, and marital disorder.

source: toi

Is feminism Evil?

The activist performed puja to the ‘god of sleep’ Kumbkarana as they feel it was the only hope to get back their peace of mind and sound sleep. “Hope it got wide publicity so that many others could have been part of. Though this may sound goofy, only the person who endures will know the real pain. You lose money, lose respect, lose friend, lose a job, lose family ties for a false case slapped against you,” said a statement.

On September SIFF performed Pindadaana and Pisachini Mukti Puja in Bengaluru to eradicate feminism from India. “The puja is symbolic for us. It will help get rid of this cancer (feminism); to us, the #MeToo movement is rakshasa and needs to be eradicated. Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together. We might do it again to eradicate the evil that is feminism,” a statement read.

source: indiatimes



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