12 Insane Misconceptions People Have About IT Employees Working in Cities Like Bengaluru

Bengaluru is truly the IT city of India. Though it was earlier known for its lush green parks, now it is famed for its tech parks. In this article, we list down some of the annoying and insane misconceptions people have regarding IT employees.

A big paycheck and a luxury yacht

If IT employees received a rupee every time someone thought they make a lakh a month, they might actually make tons of money. The reality is that a fresher makes somewhere around 3.5 lakhs a year – much lesser than the cab drivers whom they use. Gone are the days when the information technology field was booming. IT employees would count themselves lucky if they make over ten lakhs a year.


A wallet full of money, A bank balance like a phone number

Working in the IT leaves one with high expectations – which shortly result in some major disappointments. A wallet full of money can only be seen in your dreams. Wallets are usually crammed with bills, cards, and loose change.

Vacations and the On-Site opportunity at Las Vegas

Foreign trips are extremely fun. Unfortunately, working in the IT field doesn’t mean you get to go on these mythical trips. Though every company asks for employees to have their passports and other documents in order, the truth is that these documents are left to collect dust in some folder inside a cupboard. Or they’re used as address verification. Foreign trips are alien to most IT employees who remain in India. The only dominant travel in their lives shall be the one they take to the office every day.

A well-planned job oriented education

Here is a joke. “A job in the IT sector requires an education specialized in Information Technology and Computer Science”. End of joke. You may laugh now. Or cry if you are one of those engineers who studied mechanical or electronics but ended up in the IT sector. The companies do not care much for your educational background. Nine pointers and six pointers of different streams are all treated alike – truly a great unifier.


engineering students

A superhero who fixes any problem!

If you are working in the IT sector, you automatically become the go-to person for laptop and computer problems. Sometimes, you might have to explain that you cannot fix every device and that a broken TV must be taken to customer care. The only solution IT employees know for any problem is to restart the device. If IT employees could truly fix any problem, they probably wouldn’t be IT employees!

Pubbing and hitting the dance floor

Contrary to expectations, IT employees do not party on the weekends. Nor do they visit pubs every holiday. Weekends are when they catch up on lost sleep and stay in the bed. A weekend spent partying and dancing might seem like fun but the lure of a good night’s sleep is hard to resist. Sleeping is harder and more fun than partying.

A Work-Life Balance

There is no such thing as a Work-Life Balance. There is only a Work-Work balance. Heading home doesn’t mean that you are done with your work. Going back home simply implies that you shall continue working and take up calls and meetings from home. Getting enough sleep becomes difficult at times with all the work that gets piled up.


Amazing colleagues and best friends

While everyone initially assumes work to be the same as the college where one can make friends and have fun together, the truth is different. The co-workers have their own problems and lives and will not really be able to be a part of your gang. Having friendly colleagues is a rarity in the highly competitive and stressful environment.

Let’s eat out and party!

Parties and eating out is as rare as having a wallet full of cash. When you have too much month at the end of your money, you start looking for cheaper options and pack your own lunch. The occasional party that is thrown by a client or team lead isn’t even as fun as everyone thinks it is.

Time well-spent every day

Many IT employees spend more time stuck in traffic and in commute than they do sleeping at night. The hurdles in their lives also include the Marthahalli traffic, the Bellandur jam, and the Silk Board bottleneck. The stress from the traffic, the smoke from the exhaust of vehicles and the heat is enough to make anyone crazy.



I love my boss!

Said no IT employee ever. The pressure an employee gets from an IT worker is real. Usually, there is at least a handful of employees who are on the receiving end of things. Hard to get promotions, appraisals, lack of job security and their own insecurity keeps most IT employees on their toes.

The Supportive Family and That One Annoying Aunt

While every family tries to be supportive, their lack of understanding means they get it all wrong. People who want to have their own start-ups are heavily discouraged and asked to be happy with their “high paying” IT job – usually by some annoying aunt or uncle. Every mother introduces their child as the one working in an MNC with great pride though the truth is that IT employees aren’t always that relevant in the organization.

Despite all this, the IT sector still has some of the most sought out jobs. The emerging technologies and the IT lifestyle might be fun for some who make it big. Nevertheless, the misconceptions are absolutely real and are witnessed every day. What misconceptions do you think exist regarding IT employees? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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