These Are The Lesser-Known Islands Of Karnataka You Should Definitely Explore Once

islands of karnataka

Many of us are unaware of this but; Yes there are many islands in Karnataka too. Are you thinking to retire? Start fresh? Or just to spend some days away from this busy robotic life? Don’t want to see this traffic and honking? Then these islands will make you go chilled and calm. Read on to find the best islands in Karnataka to spend time and to get relaxed.

Basavaraj Durga Islands

Basavaraj Durga Island is an island in the Arabian sea near Honnavara. There are a number of freshwater wells. The Island can be reached by boat with the help of fishing travelers by a sail upstream on a river Sharavathi. This island has a Hindu temple on its top surface constructed by ruler between the 16th and 17th Centuries.

This island is popular for the people, especially fishermen and boat owners who visit this temple with their families on Makarasankranthi day on 14 January, every year to give pooja to Nagadevate to protect and guide them from natural forces while working on the sea.

islands of karnataka

Kurumgad Island

Kurumgad Island is a tortoise-shaped island in an Arabian sea. It can be reached by traveling by ferry from Sadhashivgad Boat Jetty on the backwaters of River Kali at Karwar. This island is 1 km from Devbagh Beach, which is easily accessible from Karwar. There are palm trees along the coastline and the sight of the grey sea is simply soothing for the eyes. Kurumgad is a snorkeling site with coral reefs extending over half a kilometer.

Kurumgad is famous for water sports. Tourists can enjoy exotic beach walks, nature walks, swimming, fishing, bonfires and barbecues, dolphin spotting, boat rides, and beach volleyball. There are many sea animals such as otters and dolphins that can be found near the island.

islands of karnataka

Netrani Island

Netrani Island is a small island located at the Arabian sea. The beach is close to Murudeshwar. It is located on a beach between Honnavar and Bhatkal. It’s one kilometer away from the national highway. Netrani is one of the best beaches in India which has an amazing underwater life. A drive’s paradise, Netrani Island Beach can offer you a kaleidoscope of the underwater life.

The best time to visit is between December and January. The resort stops taking tourists for snorkeling and scuba diving during June–September because the sea becomes rough. There are small shrines on the island and the light lit to offer pooja occasionally gives way to a small-time forest fire on the island.


St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Islands, also known as Coconut Island is a set of four small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe in Udupi. A boat ride away from Mangalore’s Malpe Port is St. Mary’s Island. It is idyllic with swaying palms, fine white sand and black polished rocks that frame its coast.

The rocks are quite stunning with strange hexagonal formations; easy to climb too and great view from the top. The beach itself is quite clean, there are no domestic animals on the island.

islands of karnataka

Uppina Kudru Island

The name Uppina Kudru comes from two words in Kannada. It means an island of salt or place where salt is produced and exported. It is a small island village about 6-7 km north of Kundapura. Once served as the center of trading for salt and seafood, today the place is occupied with several ancient and popular temples; Lord Gopala Krishna Temple is one of them. While Vasudeva temple is counted as the oldest temple in the area, Siddi-Vinayaka Temple is a famous one.

The place also houses several mutts including Lakshminarayana Mutt, Gopinath Mutt, Ganapathi Mutt, and Devi Mutt and so on. This island is believed to be quite a unique nit just with sea n land which attracts many devotees in large numbers.

islands of karnataka

There is something surely special about the sea, that calming and soothing to the nerves and there is something very romantic about being on this island. Watching a sea, sitting there relaxed and that feeling is just wow.

I think it’s the feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the world that really feels special and relaxed. Yes, once in a while we need to visit such places just to get disconnected from this materialistic world.

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