ISIS Issues Coronavirus Advisory To Its Terrorists, Have Asked All The Supporters To Wash Hands And Cover The Mouth

source: theeconomictimes

Amid confusions around the world due to this deadly disease-causing casualties, Coronavirus has also bothered the world’s wicked organization ISIS. The terrorist organization has started to spread information on awareness to prevent the spread of the disease to protect their terrorists.

Awareness information

As the global casualties from the coronavirus pandemic crossing over 5,000, the terror outfit ‘Islamic State’ recently published a coronavirus warning in its newsletter in which it urged supporters to maintain their faith and also provided practical advice to avoid catching Coronavirus.


According to the reports, the advisory included directions, like wearing a mask, practicing self-quarantine and escaping from sick persons. Moreover, followers have been directed to have faith in God to protect them from all diseases.

They also mentioned a statement about “the responsibility of taking up the causes of protection from illnesses and avoiding them.”

Advisory from ISIS

It asked followers to practice the “guidance that the healthy should not enter the land of the disease and the infected should not exit from it”. This means IS is now teaching group distance and self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus.


source: businessinsider

Some points also mention how one can ask followers to cover their mouths when they yawn or sneeze and to cover vessels and water containers with lids.

On the travel advice, IS has asked its supporters including terrorists to not visit “the land of the disease”, meaning not to travel to European countries for jihad. The advisory was published in social media and many on Twitter have been wondering at the point that even terrorist organizations like ISIS have started practicing the pandemic seriously.