Is KGF 2 First Look A Copy From A Baahubali Scene? Here Is What We Have To Say

Prabhas as Mahendra Baahubali in a scene from the film Baahubali: The Beginning, appears to pull the statue which was about to fall due to the collapse of an old man. The scene portrays the leadership and guardianship of Mahendra to his people and the kingdom. However, the new poster of KGF 2 released by Hombale Films also reveals a similar circumstance. This certainly raised many eyebrows amongst Baahubali fans and troll pages as they alleged that the poster was copied by Rajamouli’s sequence film.

The pulling of the rope 

The gigantic, 100-feet statue was all set to be installed in the kingdom of Mahishmatia marking King Bhallaladeva’s 25 years of rule. Hundreds of slaves have tasked to uplift the lying statue in an attempt to fix the gigantic figure in its Peetha. In the process, an old man breaks to the ground, followed by the collapse of an entire row of people, which in turn leads to the downfall of the statue.

When they’re about to give up, a face covered up man comes to their rescue and pulls the statue. While the old man takes rope again, the mask is removed. Baahubali’s face is revealed. And the people in Mahishmati lead to chant out loud, ‘Baahubali’. This is the scene where director SS Rajamouli exhibited his iconic hero Baahubali.

source: twitter

The allegations 

Similarly, the first look of KGF Chapter 2 flashes a common characteristic in the poster. In the first look, Yash is regarded as a leader, in blue and black. He is seen heading a group of people who are all pulling thick ropes to establish what seems to be a massive pillar. The caption of the poster wrote, ‘Rebuilding An Empire’.

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Now, some troll pages claimed that the sequel of action film reminded them of a Baahubali scene. They say that the pulling of a gigantic structure alongside the henchman happens to be plagiarized content from Baahubali: The Beginning.


In our opinion, both pictures have a different storyline. Comparing a poster with a distinct film is total dumbness. We all know the story of KGF Chapter 1 and the sequence, as we all can guess, the rocking star in the upcoming chapter 2 will be seen re-establishing the Kolar Gold Field to a new level. Therefore, the view of pulling a rope alongside followers nowhere is related to the scene from Baahubali. It only represents the leadership of the character in the film and not copied or stolen content. Despite all this, if people still assume pulling a rope means only Baahubali then let us ask you one question, do Baahubali makers have a patent for pulling a rope? We guess not.

source: twitter

KGF Chapter 2 has a different narrative written by Prashanth Neel. The second chapter has only got larger, with Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt joining the cast. The Bollywood Khalnayak will be seen playing the role of Adheera the antagonist. Another B-Town actor, Raveena Tandon, is also said to be part of the film. She will be playing ex-Prime Minister of India in the film. The rest of the star cast includes Achyuth Kumar, Nassar, Anant Nag and Vasishta N Simha. The film is expected to release in mid-2020.