Is KGF 2 And Salaar Connected? These Fan Theories Are Mind Blowing

After a mind-blowing opening of KGF: Chapter 2 all over the country, the speculations have stormed that Prabhas starrer Salaar is a continuation of the KGF franchise starring Rocking Star Yash.

KGF: Chapter 2 Hints

KGF Chapter 1, which was released in five different languages on December 21, 2018, was listed to be the next big crossover film after SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali. Yash left no stone unturned to play his part as Rocky Bhai and drove to break new grounds in terms of a larger-than-life role.


After a gap of almost 4 years, Yash’s KGF: Chapter 2 was released on April 14, 2022. And with no time the film, also starring Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon has already bagged Rs 500 crores worldwide. Its Hindi version has earned Rs 150 crore as well.

After the KGF Franchise’s success, the movie freaks have speculated that the upcoming movie from Prashanth Neel starring Pan India celebrity Prabhas is a continuation of the KGF franchise.

Many say that the boy named Farmaan acted by Saran Shakthi, who tried stopping Adheera from crossing the bridge is none other than Prabhas in Salaar. Giving evidence to this speculation netizens pointed out that Farmaan’s mother acted by Easwari Rao is also part of Salaar’s movie. Moreover, the amulet donned by the brave young boy also matches the Prabhas’ appearance in Salaar.


The mysterious Boy

During the movie, Farmaan along with other guards faced Adheera. While Adheera and his people slaughtered most of them, it wasn’t guaranteed whether they killed Farmaan too. The boy’s mother, played by Eswari Rao, later pleaded with Rocky to bring back her son.

But if one looked carefully at a scene where Rocky Bhai aka Yash brings back the boy’s body to his mother, his face wasn’t disclosed. So we don’t know whether the body was of Farmaan or someone else.

Prabhas’ character in the movie is described as the most violent man, and the character of Farmaan in KGF 2, could do anything for Rocky Bhai and can even go violent. Fans think that he will fight to take revenge for Rocky Bhai.


Moreover, the character introduced as Farmaan by Prashanth Neel in the KGF 2 wasn’t necessary for the entire movie. So what was the intention for bringing the boy into the scene where he did not really have a clear role?

If the rumors become true then just like Marvel and DC comics, Prashanth Neel will also come up with a crossover concept.

Earlier, while interacting with a media channel, director Prashanth Neel had revealed that he was too desperate to create his own universe just like Marvel and DC comics. With this, it is clear that we may expect a surprise from the KGF flagbearer.


And now the KGF Chapter 3 is on cards too. A section of the audience is connecting Salaar to KGF 3 as well. Those who watched the movie have noticed the similarities between Prabhas’ Salaar poster and Yash’s KGF scene. They say that there is a connection between the two.

Many KGF fans came up with different theory how Rocky is still Alive and, Prashanth Neel’s next big project Salaar movie is connected to KGF.