Is Digital Billing A Better Choice For Your Business?


Businesses, nowadays, are facing more challenges to maintain their identity than ever.
It’s not merely about the digitalization, customers are now accustomed to make more
informed decisions. Consumers have options in terms of who they choose to deal with
and as such, companies are utilizing their resources to offer the best customer

This demands a more proactive approach to evolve according to your user needs. If you
observe the pattern, businesses that have failed to keep up with the market changes,
and customer needs, are no longer part of the industry.

One of the most talked about and effective business solutions are the use of
technological solutions in the mainstream of business operations. Not only these
solutions help your business to be more effective, but it also helps you to enhance the
overall customer experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small scale or a large scale business, it is important
that you have well-placed resources to study the changing needs of your users,
especially if you are a B2C business. The popularity of digital bills is increasing in the
retail industry and for all the right reasons. Before we begin with these reasons, here’s a
brief on what are digital bills?

What Is Digital Billing?

Digital billing is a solution offered to businesses against the traditional and decades-
old paper bills. The idea is to send bills to your customers digitally using platforms such
as SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc. This comes with a long array of benefits and thus, is
accepted by businesses all over the world.

Digital Billing vs Paper Billing

More than 2.5 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and this says that most of
your consumers are well-equipped to shift to digital bills, today! Though there is a
section which believes that paper bills are more reliable than digital bills. In spite of this,
here are a few points to deduce what’s good for your business.

1. The Cost Factor

The conventional paper bills require a printer, ink, paper, a system, etc. at the
POS of your business. It requires manually entering the product details to prepare a bill
for your customers.
As far as digital bills are considered, you have to install an e-billing software at the POS
of your business which automatically sends the bill to the customer upon receiving the
contact details.
Paper bills are costlier in terms of paper costs, ink cost, and other related costs as
compared to digital bills.

2. Convenience

The convenience of your consumers is an important factor in defining their
overall experience. Everyone hates waiting in queues and by opting for digital bills, you
offer your convenience for your customers.
Using e-billing software, you can implement mobile POS in your business against paper

3. Tracking Your Bills

Digital bills are very easy-to-track and, unlike paper bills, are not prone to
damages. Not only this, both you and your consumers can go back to a particular bill
easily if need be.

Besides, you can also use your customers’ contact information to inform them about
discounts, availability of products they are interested in, and such others. This account
for customer loyalty and improved customer relations.

By choosing digital billing over conventional forms of billing, you opt to evolve with the
digital revolution and offer your customers a better experience and convenience.
Choose e-billing software for your business today!



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