Internet is in all praise for Bengaluru DGP For Singing Jana Gana Mana To Calm Citizenship Act Protesters

Despite the prohibition under article 144, some protesters in Bengaluru came out of their house and marched a protest against the controversial Citizen Amendment Act. Bringing peace amongst each, a DCP sang the National Anthem with protesters symbolizing unity and harmony. This incident is winning hearts in social media.

Protest in Bengaluru 

Thousands of students on Thursday marched from various parts of the city to Town Hall to register their displeasure against Citizen Amendment Act. With police denying permission, the protest turned into uncontrollable marches.


Protesters spilled onto the streets demanding the Citizenship Act be canceled. Historian Ramchandra Guha was also among others joining the protest at Town Hall. As the residents of Bengaluru were protesting in front of Townhall and refused to move, DCP Chetan Singh Rathore easily spoke to the protesters about crowd mentality, instead of bursting into a rude lathi-charge.

source: twitter

A heartwarming incident 

In the video that has now gone viral on social media, Bengaluru DCP Chetan Singh Rathore is seen requesting the protestors to join him for the national anthem if they believed him.

source: theindianexpress

DCP can be seen speaking, “While you are part of any crowd, you might get influenced by mob mentality. And some people are hiding among you with that violence intentions. And if that person takes benefit of this, all of us will get beaten up.” The protesters agreed on the fact and replied: ” You are correct, you are correct.”


The DCP further stated, “Now, if you believe me, then I will sing a song. And all the citizens will stand with me.” As he started singing the national anthem, the protesters also followed him. They later left the area.

Another cop from Bengaluru was heard spreading out peacefull messages amongst the protesters where he ensures that they (the police) are always there to protect each and every citizen from all problems and he also said that all religions were the same under the law.