7 Interesting things about Bangalore which no one said you before

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Bangalore or Bengaluru is one city that has sheltered people from all walks of life. The breeze that Bengaluru carries has a culture of native and the unpretentious attitude towards accepting and supporting lives from all parts of the world. Bengaluru has the best food to crave for, the best climate to love for and guess what, the best looking girls to die for. But, on a serious note, Namma Bengaluru is incredibly beautiful and amazingly versatile to the extent that it never gives you a lonely feeling. Apart from its scenic nature and an IT fame, Bengaluru is known for so many other things. How many of you know the unknown side of our city? Well, let’s have a look at some of the interesting things about Bangalore on today’s read.

Once upon a time, Kempegowda bus stand was a Majestic Lake

Can you imagine a lake in the place of today’s highly crowded Majestic bus stand? Well, it was a reality a few years ago. The bus station what we see today is actually constructed on a lake or tank called Dharmambudhi, which was created during Kempe Gowda’s reign. The lake was one of the major sources of water which were connected to open wells around it and small tanks nearby. Unfortunately, when the lake got completely dried up, it became a place for people to meet and chat. In 1931, the then Prime Minister Mr.Nehru had hoisted the tricolor and addressed a meeting here and later on, it was used for public events before it was officially made a central bus station of the city.

Interesting things about Bangalore

Bengaluru has a temple dedicated to the Pandavas of Mahabharata

One can consider this as the pride of the city because no place in India has a temple dedicated to the Pandavas and in that sense, this Dharmaraya Swamy Temple located in Thigalarpet is unique and eloquent in its construction. As per the Archeological survey department, the temple ages to about 800 years old to become one of the oldest temples of Bangalore.

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There is an explosive in the name of Bangalore

Yes, Bangalore torpedo is an explosive named after Namma Bengaluru as it was first manufactured and ideated in Bangalore by Captain McClintock of the British Indian Army unit. It was invented to explode the booby traps and barricades. If you have watched movies, “Breakthrough, Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day, Storming Juno, and The Big Red One,” then you will have a basic idea about this Bangalore torpedo.

Interesting things about Bangalore

The story of Rava Idli

Have you tasted Rava Idli? You must if you are in Bengaluru. A tangy side of Idli that gives you a delicious refreshment with Saagu or Chutney. But, do you know the story of how it was created? During the second world war, due to short supply of rice, it was difficult for MTR to prepare idlis. So, they used Semolina instead of rice and in that experiment, we got this famous breakfast item of Bangalore, Rava Idli.

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Is it raining in Bangalore?

Bangalore weather is amazingly beautiful. It is never too hot or never too cold. However, the clouds of Bangalore would love to play hide and seek and you cannot expect rains in every corner of the city at the same time. I would like to quote this phrase from Quora which is the best explanation to Bangalore monsoons.

When someone says it is raining in Bangalore, be sure to ask them which area, which Main and which Cross.

How Bengaluru’s bad traffic helped to stop a terrorist attack

Bangalore traffic is so bad and worse that it had once stopped a severe terrorist attack on the noted educational institute of the city. According to an article reported in Deccan Herald, a terrorist group who had a plan to attack a seminar in IIM located on Bannerghatta road got caught in a traffic jam and utterly failed to reach the spot on time. Seems funny but it is the truth. Interestingly, an attack on PES Institute of Technology was also dropped as there was no escape route available for them.

Don’t get Bangalored

No, it is not the past tense of Bangalore or any slang word I’m trying to introduce here. According to ‘worldwidewords’, it is defined as,

“It refers to people who have been laid off from a multinational because their job has been moved to India — a business practice designed to save money that is arousing passions in some countries, especially Britain and the United States. Bangalore is cited in particular because of its reputation in the USA as a high-tech city, the Indian equivalent of Silicon Valley.”

Bangalore is one of the few cities that is used as a Verb and as a Bangalorean, I feel special about it.

Interesting things about Bangalore

So, this was a quick glance at some of the interesting things about Bangalore. I hope you enjoyed the read. For more on Bangalore, please do not forget to subscribe to us. Lots of love.

I would like to put an end to this write up with this hilariously sarcastic phrase.

Out of every 100 software engineers in Bangalore, 90 are utterly frustrated and rest have a girlfriend.

Information Source – Quora



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