Interesting, Innovative, And Fun-Filled: Based on Tejaswi’s Short Story, Daredevil Mustafa’s New Video is Simply Awesome

daredevil mustafa kannada

K.P Poornachandra Tejaswi is one of the greatest writers in the history of Kannada literature. The legend has plenty of fans, and a group of them have now come up to produce a film based on Daredevil Musthafa, a popular short story by the writer. The makers have recently released a character-intro video from the film, and thanks to the stunning concept used by them, the clip is receiving applause from all quarters.

Daredevil Musthafa is produced by 65 fans of the writer

Movies based on the work of K.P Poornachandra Tejaswi is not new to Sandalwood. However, not much has been done in this regard in recent years. 65 passionate fans of the writer have now come forward to produce a movie based on a famous work by the legend.


Retrogram – An interesting concept

With the track ‘Jayamala Damayanthi Yarappa’ in the background, the makers have introduced all the characters in the film with an interesting concept called ‘Retrogram’. In a retro version of Instagram, all characters are introduced with the retro editions of their Instagram handle.

Detailing is terrific, and the makers have actually managed to tell a lot with this idea. Stars such as Rakshit Shetty have praised the video, which is now out on the PRK Audio Youtube channel. Directed by Shashank Soghal, the film has an extensive cast involving the likes of Mandya Ramesh, Sunder Veena, Nagabhushana and others. While the music has been handled by Navaneeth Sham, Rahul Roy is the DOP of the film.