Staying Safe In Search Of Insta-Perfection 

If you’re wondering where to holiday for the best Instagram-friendly shots, you’re not alone: a recent survey has found that 36% of Indian millennials from Bengaluru to Mumbai make this a key consideration in their planning. Whether you long to brighten your Insta-feed with sky diving in Dubai, uncovering ancient history in Rome, or simply capturing a beautiful sunrise closer to home, here’s how to stay safe while in pursuit of the perfect shot. 

Don’t risk your life for ‘likes’

Perhaps the most important point about taking amazing holiday photos is that you must stay safe whilst taking them; more than half of all ‘selfie’ deaths have occurred in India, with 259 people dying in pursuit of great selfies.  While some states such as Goa have implemented ‘No selfie zones’, their effectiveness is still uncertain.  The other cause for concern when it comes to social media is the security issue; if you tag yourself in remote locations, your property may become a target for burglary.  Check your privacy settings, ideally, ask a friend or neighbour to house sit or check in on your home regularly and consider using a home security app to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. 


Cover up

While Indian millennials are budgeting to travel at least once every six months, this age group has historically been less likely than others to purchase travel insurance.  You may well be fit, healthy and young, but the best adventures can sometimes include unexpected events.  For peace of mind, make sure that you organise cover before you go, so that if something happens you know what your travel insurance includes and who to call.  Then you can get on with having a great time. 

Watch your tech

Indian millennials prioritise spending on vacations, smartphones and electronic gadgets; so the chances are you have some enviable tech.  Keep your phone and any other devices in a secure zipped compartment in your bag or inner pocket of a jacket, and try not to flash them around unnecessarily.  You should also be wary of using public WiFi networks as they can be popular with hackers who can steal your information easily. If you must use them, try not to access sensitive sites and use a VPN to keep your information secure.

Capturing and sharing amazing views and experiences on social media can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to take care of safety first. Don’t put yourself in dangerous positions purely for a great photo, make sure you have insurance in case of need, and keep an eye on your possessions when you’re out and about.  Finally, don’t forget to sometimes take in the view without a screen; the world can be beautiful with no filter required.