Inspiration: This 17 Year Old Went From Washing Cars At 4 Am To Scoring 91.7% In CBSE Class 12

Car Wash

The 17-year-old Parmeshwar lives in a slum in the city of New Delhi. Parameshwar who used to wash cars for a living has fought against all odds to secure 91.7 percent in the CBSE class 12 exams.

According to a report on NDTV, Parmeshwar made a living out of washing cars. He used to earn a sum of Rs. 3,000 rupees per month which helped him to make ends meet. In the same money, he bought a uniform for himself and books to study too. The life of Parmeshwar was no less a struggle. During the harsh winters of Delhi, he would wake up at 4 am in the morning to wash cars. For 6 days in a week, he used to wash 10-15 cars for over two and a half-hour period of his day. He said,


“Waking up in the cold and working was not easy. I remember how my hands used to freeze every 5 minutes when I touched the cold water. My fingers used to become numb. People also used to scold me and for a few hundred bucks we had to bear all the humiliation.”

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An Inspiration To Thousands

Despite that, Parmeshwar did not lose his hopes. He had an ailing father who was 62, brothers who had their own families yet had no stable employment. Parmeshwar did not want to be a burden and hence he took up the job to clean the cars. In March, when his father was admitted to the hospital, Parmeshwar studied for his Hindi exams in the hospital. During this phase, the Asha society came into his life and aided him. From sample papers to an English Honours course at Delhi University, they helped him.

In tough times like this, Parmeshwar is an inspiration to many in the country.


Source: India Times