Indo-China Stand-Off: US Moves Its Troops From Europe To Counter China’s Threat To India

The secretary of state of the United States, Mike Pompeo issued a statement that brings in the United States as an important factor in the India-China military stand-off. In the statement, he said that the United States is reducing its troops in Europe because of China’s threat to India.

The United States has recently decided to withdraw its troops from Germany in a well-thought strategy. The United States President Donald Trump announced the decisions which have reportedly angered the European Union countries. One of the main reasons for this decision, according to Pompeo, is the actions of the Chinese Communist Party that have become a threat to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. He said,


“We are going to make sure we are postured appropriately to counter the PLA. We think that is the challenge of our time and we are going to make sure we have resources in place to do that.”

Mike Pompeo ran through a list of actions by the Chinese communist party that led to the decision. He spoke about the border confrontation with India, China’s suspicious activities in the South China Sea, and its economic policies that is almost predatory. In the same announcement, he also said that the United States and the European Union would soon start a dialogue in regard to China. He said that this would improve the trans-Atlantic alliance and also will lead to a common understanding of the threat posed by China. Europe, however, is often accused by the United States of being naïve about Chinese aggression.

US India
Courtesy: Al Jazeera

Big Support to India

The moves come in as a huge support to India in the middle of a military stand-off with China that is looking to escalate soon despite efforts of disengagement. The Chinese have reconstructed structures that were destroyed by the Indian Amry in Galwan valley thereby sending a message across to its neighboring country.

Talking about “clean telcos”, the companies that are free of Chinese investment, Pompeo said,


“The tide is turning towards trusted 5G vendors and away from Huawei. The world’s leading telecom companies –  Telefonica, Orange, Jio, Telstra, and many more – are becoming ‘clean telcos’. They are rejecting doing business with tools of the CCP surveillance state like Huawei.”


Source: The Times of India