Caterers To Indira Canteens Penalized With 1.32 Crore Fine For Violating The Conditions Mentioned In Contract

Indira Canteens have been receiving food supply from two main caterers since 2017. Recently, these two caterers were fined with 1.32 crore as they failed to meet the range of parameters decided in the contract between the two parties. The caterers were found guilty of violating the parameters like hygiene, quantity, quality, and timely service on more than thousand occasions from November 2017 to December 2018.

The Marshals of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike collected the fine of Rs. 1,32,38, 450 from Rewards and Cheftalk, the two caterers. The marshals are the ex-servicemen assigned with the task of supervising the operations of around 198 canteens. The Karnataka Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (KEWSA) appointed them in 2017 with one marshal associated with each Assembly constituency limits.


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Marshals Authorized To Monitor Caterers To Indira Canteens

According to the President of KESWA, Col. Rajbeer Singh, “Of the two caterers, Cheftalk has paid about Rs 90 lakh.” As a part of their duty, the marshals first have to visit the canteens and then monitor by going through several checklists. The feedback by customers also plays a major role in the screening process. When the marshal spots a breach of terms, he will quickly come up with a report and ask the canteen manager to sign it.

Rajbeer Singh further added that they have so far slapped fine of Rs.1. 32 crore on Cheftalk and Rewards for different breach of conditions and terms as mentioned in the contract. Singh said that they sent these reports to BBMP and they will now cut down the fine amount from the payment for that particular month.

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In the case of Indira Canteens, the marshals took into consideration certain parameters like indecent staff dress, poor quality food, breach of the menu, delay in delivery, indisciplined staff, and people leaving the canteen without getting their ordered food. The marshals collected the fines by deducting it from the amount payable to the caterers by BBMP.


They took this action after KEWSA submitted reports about the violation of the contract set up between the two parties.

Marshals Deployed To Ensure Quality Of Service

The KEWSA appointed the marshals from November 2017 when they launched Indira Canteens and the same monitoring process is being followed since then. The commissioner of BBMP, N Manjunath Prasad while talking to the media people said, “The BBMP deployed these marshals to ensure the quality of service and all the activities at Indira Canteens. They send reports every day. Based on their report and the signature of staffs at Indira Canteens we initiate fines against the caterers.”