India’s Rejection Towards China’s ‘Disengagement’ Claim Tells That Rahul Wasn’t Lying

India on Thursday rejected China’s contention that disengagement has been completed at most locations along their disputed border, with New Delhi calling on Beijing to work sincerely for complete de-escalation and full restoration of peace along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

External affairs ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava acknowledged there has been “some progress” towards disengagement and de-escalation along the LAC, though the process is far from complete. Senior military commanders from the two sides are set to meet for the fifth time to work out steps to complete the process, he said.



India’s stance is markedly different from the position taken by China, which said on Tuesday frontline troops had “completed disengagement in most locations and the situation on the ground is easing”.

“There has been some progress made towards this objective but the disengagement process has as yet not been completed,” Srivastava said during the weekly virtual media briefing.

People familiar with developments said the sizeable Chinese troop presence at friction points, particularly Pangong Lake and Depsang, remains a concern. The people, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Chinese side is yet to deliver on understandings regarding disengagement reached during the July 5 phone conversation of the Special Representatives on the border issue and meetings of corps commanders.


This justifies that Rahul Gandhi wasn’t lying.

The Chinese have occupied Indian land. Hiding the truth and allowing them to take it is anti-national. Bringing it to people’s attention is patriotic,” the Congress leader said in a tweet.

In the video titled ‘Tough Questions on China’, Gandhi starts by saying that being an Indian, his “number one priority is the nation and its people”.


Responding to a question on what he has to say to the people who claim his questions to the PM on China, weaken India, Gandhi said it was clear that the Chinese had entered Indian territory and occupied it.

“This disturbs me. It makes frankly my blood boil. How can some other nation just come into our territory?” he says.

The Congress leader said he was “absolutely” sure of what he was claiming and was basing his claims on satellite picture and his interactions with ex-Army men.


“Now if you as a politician want me to keep quiet and lie to my people when I’m absolutely convinced I see the satellite photos. I speak to the ex-Army people. If you want me to lie that the Chinese have not entered this country I’m not gonna lie. I simply will not do it,” Gandhi said, asserting that he would not shy away from speaking his mind.

“I don’t care if my whole career goes to hell. I’m not going to lie,” he added.