Indian Textile Arts That Have Become the Face of Jaipur!

textile arts

Land of the rich culture and heritage, Rajasthan is quite a kaleidoscope with a change in colors of ubiquitous turban every few kilometers. Mirror to grand architecture, varied folk arts and soulful soothing music, Rajasthan is also a land of vibrant textile arts that are loved by everyone visiting the ‘land of Maharajas’. The cultural heart of this Indian state, Jaipur is also the center of all textile and cultural legacy. If you plan to visit Jaipur, Rajasthan, you would love to witness the most mesmerizing Indian textile arts that have become the face of Jaipur along with its ancestral forts and palaces.

Discharge Printing

While sipping the famous Gulabji Chai at M.I. Road, Jaipur, one could witness the magic of discharge prints on fabric at local garment shops. A kind of resist dyeing, Discharge printing is done by applying color destroying agents such as hydrosulfite and chlorine to a dyed fabric for creating beautiful patterns and designs. With bleaching agents, a dye impervious is combined to bleach out a light patterned design on the darker colored fabric and the result of discharge printing would make you go gaga over it.

Textile Arts

Tie Dye

Roaming around the Colorful Bapu bazaar of Jaipur will make you realize that no other place in the world could be so colorful and it is pretty easy to find colorful tie-dye dresses, skirts and other clothing in this market. Well, the most vibrant dyeing technique, tie and dye forms very colorful, pretty and stunning prints, patterns and designs ideal for catching the attention of all the art aficionado. This simplest form of resist dyeing involves folding, twisting, pleating, crumbling and binding the fabric before applying the dye. This style of textile art gives an exclusive appearance that in turn lends a free-spirited sensibility to it.

jaipur textile arts


The craft of embellishing fabrics or other material with the help of a needle to apply yarn or thread along with various materials like pearls, quills, sequins and beads is known as embroidery. As the center of various textile arts, Jaipur textile and garment manufacturing units are producing some of the breathtakingly gorgeous embroidered dresses and clothing for the global clients sewed in an embroidery machine. This art was developed by learning the decorative possibilities of sewing. With a huge variation and styles of embroidery, every embroidered pattern differs from one another but, all are equally stunning.

textile arts

Foil stamp printing

Originally used on paper, foil stamp printing process gained a whole lot of popularity in wedding stationery market and has gained popularity in the textile industry in recent years. For all the ravishing lavish grace on fabric, foil stamp printing process is used. Beautiful shiny patterns are printed on the fabric with the help of foils and hot steel roller A pressure of 5-6 bar is used along with 190 degrees Celsius for 8-12 seconds. The quality of adhesive matters the most when it comes to foil stamping. You could easily find this beautiful textile print during your visit to the ‘Jaipur’s Parkota’

jaipur textile

Hand block printing

Using a hand-carved teak wood block, alluring patterns are printed on the fabric to lure everyone. The wood block is often dipped in natural dyes and stamped by hand onto the fabric. The process of hand block print is often tiresome and hence, artisans slowly started to drift away from it making it difficult to find authentic hand block prints some year back but, companies like Missprint has brought it back in the textile diaspora with its wide range of dresses, Kurtis and other ethnic clothing. To find these gorgeous hand block prints, you have to visit the famous markets of Jaipur while enjoying the delicacies like Pandit kulfi, local GolGappas, Samratkachori and stuff like that.

textile arts

Most of the travelers enjoy the forts and palaces of Jaipur and neglect things that are way more gorgeous. If you are visiting Jaipur, don’t do this mistake and enjoy every nook and cranny along with stunning vibrant textile arts of Jaipur.



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