This Indian National Anthem Performance by India’s Strongest will give you Goosebumps

Indian National Anthem

Of late, we have seen people opposing to stand up in theatres for the Indian National Anthem and we have also witnessed their tact of turning the tables on Social media. On the other hand, people have also expressed their outrage towards their fellow patrons for not standing up. It was so intense that a wheel-chair bound person was ridiculed in one of the movie screenings in Guwahati as he could not stand up when the National Anthem was played.

If we look at the Supreme court’s order, it is declared that differently abled are exempted from standing up in Cinema halls when the Indian National anthem is played. In this context, Avakki Films (a production house) from Bengaluru has given its best shot to express their views about standing up for the anthem in movie theatres.

Featuring: Marathon runner Shalini Saraswathi, tennis player Prathima N Rao, athlete Sandesh BG, swimming champion Vishwas KS, and others.

Credits – The Better India and Avakki Films.

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