Indian Jawan Calls Up Family To Announce He Is Alive After Wrong News Of His Death Was Delivered

Bihar Soldier

A gloomy atmosphere engulfed in the family of Sunil Kumar after the news of him falling during the clash with Chinese forces in Galwan Valley reached the house in Bihar.

As soon as the news reached the village of Dighra in Saran district, the villagers honored the sacrifice of their son and mourned the loss along with the family members. The local politicians including the Member of Legislative Assembly Chandrika Rai paid a visit to Sunil’s house to provide strength and support to the mourning family. The family also began the process of transferring the body of the soldier to their village. However, things didn’t reach that far as Havildar Sunil Kumar himself called the family to announce that he is still alive.


Later, it turned out that the passing away of the soldier was the wrong news that was put out by the media in a mix-up with another soldier from the same unit who had perished in the action. The phone call from the Sunil provided massive relief to the family members.


‘A New Lease Of Life For Me’

As per a report in Hindustan Times, the Army unit had informed Sunil’s brother about the mix-up and later confirmed that his brother is well and alive. Even as the Army had communicated it to Sunil’s brother, before the news could reach the village, Sunil called up to clarify the confusion. Hearing Sunil’s voice brought in a huge relief to the family, especially to wife Menaka. She said,

“I burst out with joy as I had no doubt that it was Roshni’s father’s voice speaking on the other side. I have spoken to my husband over the phone, God has given me a new lease of life.”

The conference call between Sunil and his family members was specifically arranged by the Army to clear up the confusion and provide relief to the family who was mourning their son’s death even as he was alive.


On Monday night, the two military forces clashed at the Galwan valley in which 20 Indian army personnel were killed. Even as the Chinese media has acknowledged casualties on the Chinese side, there haven’t been the exact numbers reported yet. The escalation on Monday is unprecedented as it was the biggest confrontation between the two forces since the 1967 clash in Nathu La when the Indian forces lost 80 soldiers while the Chinese lost 300 of its army personnel.

Source: India Times