The 5 Indian Companies Hoping to Make Waves in 2019

indian companies

We all know India as a bustling metropolis of design, food, and purchasing power- but in 2019, India will be known for their tech. Saying that India is a huge country is a bit of an understatement. The landmass covers a staggering 1,269,219 sq miles (about a third of the US) and is home to more than 1.3 billion people (about three times the US). So, it’s no wonder that economies across the world look toward this market leader when it comes to online revenue.

India is poised to reach 500 million internet users by the end of this year, making their tech market worth an estimated $200 billion by 2026. These numbers have even raised the eyebrows of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart. Who is currently duking it out for the top spot in the online service industry?

This has more local tech companies and online delivery services scrambling to corner their niche in the market. Whether you’re looking for a steamy chat session or a way to take charge of your personal health, with innovative technologies and brilliant interfaces, local India has you covered. Without ever having to leave the house. Here are the five Indian companies that are looking to take online India by storm in 2019.

Indian Sex Talk

Indian Sex Talk is proof that India knows how to deliver. Especially in their coming of internet age story. Indian Sex Talk is a platform that’s dedicated to bringing its customers phone sex for the new age. They offer a wide range of services in multiple languages and are the only team in the market that offer online calling alongside archaic telephone services.

Which is a pretty impressive feat, considering that India is the sixth most sexually active country in the world. Alongside their local sexual appetites, India contributes between 16-20% of the global searches for adult literature and chat. Indian Sex Talk isn’t just phone sex, they also curate several erotic audio stories and even love advice, keeping them in the top spot since 2010.


Swiggy started out in 2014 as a local food delivery system, but after stepping up their game with in-house developed software and lightning-fast service, they’ve now expanded across the entire country. Swiggy offers its customers a speedy delivery of just about any food they could desire, all at the tap of a screen. Making it simple to get that late-night craving handled without hassle. The integration of excellent customer service with innovative convenience has given Swiggy a seat at the tech table. Which they’re unlikely to ever have to leave. If you’re not already hungry for more, check out their blog to see exactly why business is booming.

indian companies


CureFit brings preventative healthcare to the next level, by carefully concocting the ideal health and fitness lifestyle plan. Through an innovative combination of customer engagement, expert coaching, and simple delivery, CureFit enables their customers to take back their lives. CureFit addresses everything that is important to wellness, from the foods we eat, to exercise that is ideal for our body types and age, to improving mindfulness with yoga and meditation.

What sets CureFit apart is that they offer online and offline engagement as well as group or solo routines to increase the healthy habits of their users. Their technology seamlessly integrates into your everyday life, taking the work out of the workout.

indian companies


Launched in 2015, HotStar has rocketed to the number one spot in mobile entertainment in India. In just six days of their original launch, HotStar had over 1 million downloads and that number doubled by day ten. Originally intending to provide customers with an application to stream the Cricket World Cup, HotStar now hosts over 100,000 hours of content in 17 languages. Having already expanded to markets in the US and Canada, HotStar is hopeful to expand to Europe in the coming year. Pop the corn and sit back, because this company is the star of the show.

indian companies


Since you have the Indian Sex Talk on the line, a steaming bowl of Dahl and your favorite movie queued up, the only thing left is to ensure you have a comfortable space to enjoy it all in. LivSpace innovators Anju Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma deliver that and more. Being heralded as the “Uber of home design”, LivSpace does more than just offer local access to beautiful furniture, their technology is capable of rendering 3D mockups of what your new interior could look like.

indian companies

They don’t stop there- LivSpace connects their clients to interior design specialists that are from their area, making them ultra-familiar with styles and preferences. This fully integrated approach to design has captured the hearts of seven cities in India, and the developers have set their sights on Western markets as well. Making their future just as comfortable as the spaces they help create.

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