India Will Win Battle Against China And Coronavirus, Amit Shah Assures People

On Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah issued a statement and said that India will win the battle against COVID-19 and also the battle against Chinese aggression along the Line of Actual Control.

The Union Home Minister provided an interview with the media agency Asian News International where he projected an optimistic picture of the future as he said that the country would overcome all the difficulties it is facing right now. He said,


“We will win both the battles. I want to assure the people that under the leadership of Modiji, we will win both the battles.”

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Courtesy: The Print

He also revealed that the next session of Parliament will convene soon and he is ready to discuss all the issues pertaining to the dispute with China since 1962. The statement came in the wake of China’s military aggression along the Line of Actual Control in the Eastern Ladakh region of India. Even as India is looking to disengage the situation, the Chinese forces have repeatedly provoked the Indian side. The violent face-off that took place of June 15th resulted in 20 casualties in the Indian forces.

Shah Accuses Rahul Gandhi of Shallow Politics

Amit Shah also attacked the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi and accused him of playing shallow politics at the cost of national security. He also alleged that the Congress party needs to introspect why Pakistan and China were using the hashtags coined by the Congress leader. Shah is referring to a hashtag #surrendermodi which was initiated by Rahul Gandhi in a tweet where he claimed to know the ‘expanse of territory occupied by the Chinese’. He said,

“Parliament will convene, come there, we will have a one-to-one discussion. From 1962 till now, let’s discuss, no one is afraid of discussions. But when jawans are struggling at the border and government has taken a stand, is taking firm action, then to raise issues that make Pakistan and China happy is not done.”

In the interview, the Union Home Minister also spoke about the various measures both central and the state government of Delhi has taken to control the spread of the novel coronavirus disease in the national capital region.



Source: The Hindu