India v/s Pakistan: Taliban Hails Wheat Sent By India Over What Was Sent By Pakistan

After Twitter reports emerged that a Taliban official had slammed Pakistan for donating poor quality of wheat while praising the quality of wheat sent by India, the news has become viral.

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A video was making rounds on the social media platform which showed a Taliban official complaining about the quality of Pakistani wheat. “Wheat donated by Pakistan is not edible: Taliban Official,” Afghan journalist Abdulhaq Omeri tweeted with a video of the Taliban official.


The Afghanis were seen thanking India for the wheat that India had provided to them as humanitarian assistance. “Thank you India for your continued support to the Afghan people. Our Public to public-friendly relations will be forever. Jai Hind,” a person named Hamdullah Arbab tweeted.

Another user named Najib Farhodis said, “Wheat donated by Pakistan to Afghanistan All Pakistani wheat is worn out and spoiled that can not be used. India has always helped Afghanistan.”

India has a commitment of delivering 50,000 MTs of wheat for the Afghan people and will be distributed by United Nations’ World Food Programme. “India remains committed to its special relationship with the people of Afghanistan,” MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a tweet.