India Overtakes Iran and Becomes 10th Worst-affected Countries Due to COVID-19

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With COVID-19 cases continuing to surge across the country, India has overtaken Iran to sit at the 10th place in the list of number of cases reported in the world. India is behind Turkey which has 1,56,827 cases.

In the last 24 hours, India reported its highest daily increase so far with 6,566 confirmed cases and 153 deaths. The state of Maharashtra continues to lead the chart. Out of the 6,566 cases, 3,041 cases have been reported from Maharashtra which includes 1,725 from Mumbai alone. On Sunday, the state crossed 50,000 total cases and the city of Mumbai went past the 30,000 figure mark.


At least 26 states and Union Territories reported new cases on Sunday which indicates the spread of the virus in the country. In the past week, many of the two-tier and three-tier cities which had not reported a single case witnessed a huge spike, mostly due to the people coming in from other states. The cyclone-hit Bengal reported its highest daily increase with 208 fresh cases on Sunday. The total tally of Bengal rose to 3,667. The virologists have warned that the state is likely to see a spike due to the fallout of the cyclone amphan. Kolkata too reported its highest daily increase with 52 new cases. Prior to Sunday, the highest daily increase in Bengal was 158.

Gujarat and Tamil Nadu worst affected

Tamil Nadu continued to report massive numbers as it became the second-highest case on Sunday with 765 new cases. However, on the flip side, the number of people cured of COVID-19 in the state exceeded the number of people being treated on Sunday. The capital city of Chennai crossed 10,000 cases on Sunday. Out of the 765 cases, 587 were from the city.

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Another state that is been affected the worst – Gujarat recorded 29 new deaths on Sunday taking the death toll to 858 in the state. The state currently has 14,000 cases of the novel coronavirus. While Gujarat is third behind Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra in the number of cases, in terms of death count, Gujarat is second to Maharashtra with a mortality rate of 6.1 percent; higher than the national average.


The states that have seen a massive influx of incoming people from other states including the migrant workers have witnessed a huge jump.

Source: The Times of India