India Finish 2019 As Number One Shooting Nation In World, Eyes On Tokyo Games

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For a decade, Indian athletes have shown a dramatic change in international performance. More and more athletes have shown a quality performance in various tournaments making it a hard time for other international contestants. Throughout 2019, India completed the year as the top shooting nation in the world, leaving behind Olympic heavyweights China and the USA.

A fascinating performance by Indian shooters

In a tally of overall medals (30medals), India bagged 21 gold, six silver and three bronze topping all the Rifle-Pistol World Cups and Finals in an unforgettable year. Alongside the shooters, the organization has also worked widely towards bringing the sport to where it is today.


source: mysurutoday

The news was presented by a fascinated National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) president Raninder Singh, who tweeted a screenshot of the International Shooting Sport Federation’s (ISSF) overall rankings for 2019 on Sunday. “Well done Team India,” he wrote.

India dominate over Olympic giants 

While India leading its way at the top, China is placed second with 11 gold, 15 silver and 18 bronze for a total of 44 podium finishes. Finishing at the 3rd placed the United States was settled with 15 medals including six gold six silver and three bronze.

source: hindustantimes

The quantity of Olympic portions, which now stands at a record 15, is not an only refection of the country’s accelerated rise in the sport over the last one year but also sets up the shooters perfectly for a record haul at the Tokyo Olympics, after the collapse at Rio de Janeiro. Indian shooting’s most excellent show at the Olympics remains the two medals won at London in 2012, indeed, if the shooters bring out a similar performance in the mega event this year, Indian athletes can easily dominate above all countries.