India Crosses 2 Lakh COVID-19 Cases, Experts Say That the Outbreak Will Hits Its Peak in June

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After Thursday’s increase, the total number of cases in India has soared past 2,26,859 ever since the first case that was reported on the 30th of January. The death toll in the country rose to 6,363.

India has consistently reported over 9,000 cases every day for the past week just when the country has begun the first phase of the unlocking process from the nationwide lockdown that was imposed on the 25th March. The unlocking process refers to relieving the economy which was caged for over two months. The increase in cases also comes in the wake of people’s movements between the states.


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The government of India came out with a statement on the 2nd of June that said that India is still far away from reaching the COVID-19 peak and added that the reason for it is the effective preventive measures taken by the government. It also claimed that India is in a much better position than the other countries. The Joint Secretary of the Health Ministry Lav Agarwal addressed a press conference and said that it is wrong to look at India’s numbers as a standalone. The numbers should be viewed in context to other countries with a similar population. He said,

“Our COVID-19 fatality rate of 2.82 percent and amongst the lowest in the world, compared to a global fatality rate of 6.13 percent. We have been able to achieve this due to the timely identification of cases and proper clinical management.”

India to peak in June

As per the Indian Council of Medical Research has also said that the country is still very far away from the COVID-19 outbreak. A peak, in infectious disease, is something when the number of cases per day starts to dip. In the past week, India was reporting over 8,000 cases per day and in the past days, it has reached over 9,000 cases per day. India is set to touch 10,000 cases per day soon.

According to the NITI Aayog and AIIMS including the top government officials, the worst months for India in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak are yet to arrive in the month of June. However, when the peak happens, it doesn’t mean that the outbreak is over. It means that the cases start to fall.


Source: India Times