India COVID-19: Delhi Now Has More Cases Than 167 Countries Around The World

The National Capital Region of Delhi now has more reported COVID-19 cases than 167 countries around the world. This is derived based on the data from Johns Hopkins University.

Delhi has now reported over 70,390 confirmed cases which are more than over 166 countries around the world. The 166 countries include the likes of Indonesia, Japan, and Egypt. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation while Japan and Egypt are at 11 and 14 in the list of population. Delhi is looking to cross the 80,000 mark soon which will then overtake the index nation of China which has so far reported 84,673 cases.


If Delhi was a country by itself, it will be ranked 22nd in the world of worst-affected in terms of confirmed cases of COVID-19. Among all the cases in the NCR, Delhi amounts to 86.1 percent of the cases and 91.5 percent of deaths in the region. The other regions which amount to most cases are Gurgaon, Faridabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, and Sonepat.

Delhi (1)
Courtesy: The Times of India

Among the other countries, 62 countries have reported less than 1,000 cases and that list includes Taiwan, Vietnam, Jamaica, Bhutan, and others. The other 44 countries which have reported cases between 1,000 and 5,000 cases include New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Cuba, and Thailand. 32 countries including Australia, Malaysia, Japan, and Nepal have less than 20,000 cases.

India One Of Nine Country With 10,000 COVID Deaths

Many countries who have seen a surge in cases have also managed to keep the cases under 50,000. These countries include Switzerland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Ireland. There are 10 countries that have reported over 50,000 cases and under 1 lakh cases include the index country China and the Netherlands. India, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, are among the 16 countries that have reported 1 to 5 lakh cases. Only three countries in the world have reported over 5 lakh cases. Those countries are the United States, Brazil, and Russia.


On the other side, there are at least 19 countries in the world that are yet to report their first COVID-19 death. These include Vietnam, Bhutan, and Mongolia. Nine countries have reported over 10,000 deaths and India is one of them.


Source: The Times of India