“Increase your security or else ‘I may Kill You'”: Ram Gopal Varma’s warning to SS Rajamouli

Ram Gopal Varma asked SS Rajamouli to increase his security after the former’s film RRR makes its mark at the international film awards. The film has already won a Gloden Globe and two Critics Choice Awards and is now eyeing for the Oscars.

RRR for Oscars

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has praised SS Rajamouli for all the awards he is receiving and urged him to raise his security. Also, he claimed to be a part of an “assassination squad” of filmmakers set to kill the RRR director.


On January 23, he went on a drunk-tweeting spree about SS Rajamouli. He tweeted that a bunch of jealous filmmakers, including him, have planned to kill Rajamouli, with a disclaimer that RGV was ‘four drinks down’.

But before this, Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter account and posted a video shared by RRR’s official account that featured SS Rajamouli talking to Avatar director James Cameron. To this, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “Hey @ssrajamouli U basically SURPASSED every filmmaker from #KaAsif who made #MughaleAzam till #RameshSippy who made #Sholay and also the likes of Aditya Chopras, Karan Johars and the bhansalis of India and I want to suck ur little toe for that.”

RGV’s friendly banter 

Later on, in another tweet, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “And sir @ssrajamouli , please increase ur security because there is a bunch of film makers in india who out of pure jealousy formed an assassination squad to kill you , of which I am also a part ..Am just spilling out the secret because I am 4 drinks down.”


Several fans took to Ram Gopal Varma’s post to react to his ‘4 drinks down’ tweet.