‘Incidentally His Name Is Tahir’: Javed Akhtar Questions Delhi Police’s Action Against AAP MLA

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As the role of AAP MLA Tahir Hussain on Delhi riots remain unknown, Javed Akhtar has come out and raised question over action being taken against Hussain for the sake of being a Muslim.

Why Tahir? : Javed Akhtar

At first, Javed Akhtar tweeted about the violence in Delhi, saying how sorry it was watching Delhi being burnt and alleged the police for targeting a Muslim man. He wrote, “So many killed, so many injured, so many houses burned, so many shops looted, so many people turned destitute but police have sealed only one house and looking for his owner. Incidentally, his name is Tahir. Hats off to the consistency of the Delhi police.”

His tweet was enough to let netizen batter over him. Some called him a terrorist supporter while some claimed that the poet was supporting Hussain just because he was of the same community.

Akhtar defends his tweet 

As the allegations went viral on twitter, Akhtar came out again and defended himself and his statement. He wrote, “So handy to misunderstand me. I am not asking why Tahir I am asking why ONLY Tahir. Why not even an FIR against those who have openly threatened violence in the presence of the police. Even the HC has reservations about the role policy has played in this orgy of violence.”

Earlier Police had recovered petrol bombs, bags of stones, acid pouches and other items from Hussain’s pointing out at a “well-planned plot” behind the riots.

The unmerciful riots in parts of northeast Delhi in the past few days has so far resulted in the deaths of 34 people and injuries to over 200. Moreover, private properties including vehicles, houses, and shops were also been torched.

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Following riot accusation, Hussain had rejected any association in the riots or the killing of an Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer whose family had earlier accused him of being behind the murder. He rubbished it by saying these are “baseless allegations”.

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“It is incorrect to target me. I and my family have nothing to do with it,” Hussain said.

He asked for an unbiased inquiry into the incident and said action should be taken against the truly guilty.

Twitter is unhappy 

Meanwhile, Akhtar is frequently trolled since the morning. Some of them even accused him of feeding anger and hate and urged the Delhi Police to look into Akhtar’s tweets that have been ‘stimulating people’.



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