Imran Khan’s Government Has Increased The Petrol Price By 10%, The Price Is Now Rs 117.83 Per Litre

The Pakistan Government on Wednesday decided to increase prices of all petroleum product in its country. This decision came in following an increase in crude oil price in the global market. The hike will be up to 10% and the new price will come to effect from 1st August.

For the following 10% increase, the petrol is increased by Rs 5.15 per litre; Rs 5.65 per litre for high-speed diesel; Rs 5.38 for Kerosene oil; and Rs 8.90 for light diesel oil. This will result in the price of petrol will jump to Rs117.83 per litre from the current Rs112.68.


A hike that troubles the common man

Pakistan receives its crude oil from Saudi Arabia on deferred payment, costing up to $275 million. In the month of June, the price of petrol was increased by the government by 5%; petrol prices by Rs 4.26, while the price of high-speed diesel was increased by Rs 4.5. However, last month the government decided not to increase the price.

Increase in the price of all fuel products has made the common man’s life difficult in Pakistan. People are protesting against the government for this dreadful decision.

Twitter is trolling the government