Imran Khan Humiliated At His Visit To US: No Official Welcome At Airport, Takes A Metro Ride.

With his country facing a massive financial crisis, Imran Khan stirs towards the United States of America, pleading for help. The Pak Prime Minister is all set to meet Donald Trump, as his task will be mending the two countries’ relationship which has gone to its worse situation. This Sunday Imran’s flight touched down at Dulles airport and it is said that there was no high ranking US administration official to welcome him and he had to take a metro ride to reach Pakistan envoy’s house.

The US officials snubbed Pakistan PM 

Pakistan PM Imran Khan will meet US President Donald Trump today (22nd July). Khan’s major focus will be mending the relationship with the biggest military force in the world. Indeed, this will be his maiden visit to the US as a Prime Minister and would hope to seek help from his NATO ally.


Imran traveled by a commercial airline, Qatar Airways, instead of a private jet to reduce expenses. Interestingly, Pak PM was not welcomed by any US officials as he arrived at Dulles Airport this weekend. People in social media have called this incident as an affront act and has said that Khan has been snubbed by the US administration.

Imran to look for better ties with its NATO ally 

It was Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi who received the PM at the airport and had also accompanied him on a metro ride to the Pakistani envoy’s house. Along with Qureshi, Acting Chief of Protocol, Mary-Kate Fisher also accompanied him. It is said that Imran Khan will be staying at the official residence of the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Asad Majeed Khan.

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The US had previously hanged most of its military aid to its NATO ally Pakistan. The aid of worth $ 300 million was suspended by Trump’s administration after Pakistan was accused of not doing enough to fight terrorism in its country. Moreover, the Financial Action Task Force (FATA) had also dropped sanctions on Pakistan as it has accused the nation of funding terrorists in its country.


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