Top Pick For Iftar Places in Bengaluru To Beat Your Hunger For That Real-Fresh Taste Of Meat

iftar places in bengaluru

Iftar is back, and it means only one thing, delicious mouth-watering food all around the city of Bengaluru. Ramadan in Bengaluru also means the city’s food festival. In the holy month, our Muslim brothers take a meal before dawn and end the fast only in the evening with a special meal. This evening meal is known as Iftar which as a discipline, is taken after the sunset.

Iftar meal is like a festival in all over Bengaluru. The food scene, especially around Mosque Road brings delicious gems that even hardcore foodies had not really thought about.


We bring you Five such places to get delicious iftar food in Bengaluru

Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road is gifted with some places where one can satisfy their craving for Ramzan fare. One such place is UBQ, which has some amazing dishes such as; two types of kebabs, rumali roti and chicken curry, Lucknowi biryani, dates, and a serving of sheer korma to top it all off.

At Bellandur, apart from mutton haleem, Behrouz Biryani offers a range of biryanis, with at least five non-vegetarian options and three vegetarian ones. There are a host of chicken and mutton kebabs on offer as well as a soothing gulab phirni.


Johnson Market

Stop by at the Makkah Cafe for their Kheema Samosas and if you spot the gentleman outside making some steaming Harira, do make sure to get a glass. Hop over to Fanoos for their progressively large rolls, depending on whether you want a Jumbo, Rambo or Mogambo roll!

Do not forget to visit the Siddique adjacent to Johnson Market for some great kababs. The Phal at some of the standalone carts dotting the entire stretch is also great. And for some Beef Biryani, you got to visit Khazana.

Frazer Town

There are options galore in Frazer Town as many restaurants have set up stalls outside. On MM Road and Mosque Road, Chichaba’s Taj, Sheesh Kabab, The Deagh Hotel, The Mughals, Arabian Tea Cafe, Al-Kareem Food Stall, New Taj Restaurant and Karama are selling mutton and Lucknowi haleem, paya soup, keema paratha, varieties of rolls and kebabs.


You can also try hot-off-the-grill seekh kebab, whole quail, pathar ka gost, bheja fry as well as a variety of juices and sweets like phirni.


For years, it’s been the go-to place for iftar in the city. They sell some of the best kebabs and sheeks in the city. They are particularly famous for the camel meat they serve during Ramadan. Quails in red and green masala, Kalmi Kababs, Coconut Naan, Seviyan Chutney, Puffs of different meats and more.

The range of desserts too are phenomenal with Phirni, Gajar or Pineapple Halwa, Karamel being there to satiate those taste buds.


Sharief Bhai

Sharief Bhai in Koramangala, popular for its fragrant biryani has a special iftar menu on offer. You can choose from aloo cheese samosa to gosht kheema samosa, and bheja samosa.