If You Don’t Know Hindi Get Out: Bank Employee To A Mandya Farmer

We usually claim to live in a united country with diversity at its best without any divisions and discriminations; however some absurd incidents challenge the gravitas of this opinion. One such incident happened in Bengaluru where a North Indian accountant at an SBI branch in Mandya told a rural farmer to get out of the bank if he did not know Hindi. Some media reported it as the accountant said “get out of the country.” It is also alleged that the bank staff told that this is Hindustan, there is no need to learn Kannada

This Time It’s The Division Created Based On Languages

Just as the Hindi-beda campaign is picking up in the State, a North Indian accountant in a nationalised bank in the hard core Kannada belt of Mandya has asked a rural farmer to get out of the bank if he does not know Hindi. “This is Hindustan, there is no need to learn Kannada. If you don’t know Hindi, get out” the north Indian accountant told the farmer.


Sunil, the accountant at State Bank of India, K M Doddi Branch, Maddur taluk, Mandya district, was talking to a farmer customer in Hindi. The confused customer said he does not know Hindi, can the officer speak in Kannada.  The accountant got angry and shouted at the farmer saying, this is Hindustan, there is no need to learn Kannada and if you don’t know Hindi get out”.


Learn Kannada or get Sacked this is the slogan of Hindi Beda campaign

Poor Villagers Got Panicked

Reacting to this spontaneous comment from the accountant, farmers and other poor labourers resorted by saying that the only language they know is Kannada and that even they cannot read Kannada and now where do they go to learn Hindi?

Seeing things were getting out of control the other staff of the bank intervened and sorted out the issue. However, someone present at the time made a video of the entire episode and posted it on the social network, which went viral, inviting public wrath from the accountant. Some media reported that Sunil said “if you don’t know Hindi, get out of the country.”