If They Test More, India And China Will Have More COVID-19 Cases: Trump

Donald Trump (1)
Courtesy: Sky News

Comparing the testing strategies with other countries, US President Donald Trump said that if Indian and China had done more tests, they would have had more Coronavirus cases.

America worst-hit by COVID-19

The USA has been the worst-hit country by COVID-19. The country has reported nearly 1.9 million cases and over 1,09,000 fatalities, the highest on the planet.


Meanwhile, India has reported 2,36,657 cases and 6,642 deaths. China, where the coronavirus had originated, has registered 84,177 infections and 4,638 deaths.

Donald Trump
Courtesy: Al Jazeera

Trump’s comments on the testing strategies

While speaking at a medical manufacturing facility in Maine, Trump said that his country had tested over 20 million samples for the disease so far. Comparing this stat with other countries, he said: “We will be well over 20 million tests. Remember this, when you test more, you have more cases. I say to my people every time we test, that you find cases because we do more testing. If we have more cases, if we wanted to do testing in China or in India or other places, I promise you there would be more cases.”

Trump also took a jibe at China, saying COVID-19 was an enemy and it came from China. He said: “It is indeed an enemy. It came from China, should have been stopped in China. They didn’t do that.


Regarding the development of vaccines, Trump told: “We slashed the red tape to speed up the development of vaccines. And vaccines are coming along incredibly well, wait till you see, and therapeutics. And we partnered at private sector leaders such as Puritan to build the largest and most advanced testing capacity on the face of the earth, like this one.

Source: The New Indian Express