12 Things that will happen on a Hilarious note if RCB wins the Cup (RCB ಕಪ್ ಗೆದ್ರೆ ಏನೇನ್ ಆಗಬಹುದು)

if RCB wins the Cup

Royal Challengers Bangalore, the only IPL team which has the most loyal fan following across and there is no exaggeration to it. RCB fans are so awesome that every other IPL team wants to have one of that kind. Be it win or loose, RCB always had their fans coming to their support. Have you ever tried messing with RCB fans? You better don’t.

With all hopes to win this IPL, RCB fans are on their toes to see their favourite team lifting the cup. If RCB manages to knock out all the teams then on a hilarious note then we have imagined these 12 things that are going to happen if RCB wins the cup.


12 Things that will happen if RCB wins the Cup

#1 It will rain and storm

The moment RCB hits that winning shot or takes that winning wicket then it will rain and storm like hell. The drama takes its shape and as in movies, rivers stop flowing, trees stop breezing and BMTC buses move in opposite direction. Just imagine!

if RCB

#2 RCB haters will leave this country

Is there any option for them? If RCB wins the cup then haters will have no face to show in the society. They will either lock themselves behind the doors for years or they will leave the country.

rcb fans worldwide

#3 Virat Kohli may become the chief minister of Karnataka

Heights of Exaggeration? However, hopes are guaranteed.


rcb IPL

#4 RCB fans will be awarded with ‘RCB Ratna’ for being the most loyal fans in the World

RCB fans who have supported their team for 10 long years, not winning the single cup will now be awarded as the ‘RCB Ratna’ by Government of India.

if RCB

#5 Vijay Mallya will return to India in style

This will happen for sure. Vijay Mallya returns, takes some more loan and fly back again.

rcb bengaluru

#6 Mark Zuckerberg declares #ESCN and #EeSalaCupNamde as the hashtags of the century

There is no RCB fan who has not used these hashtags. With no option left, Mark will declare them as the hashtags of the century.


if RCB

#7 Amit Shah use this Win as an advertisement to his ‘Acche Din’

The very next day of the finale, Amith Shah goes for a rally and says, ‘What more Acchedin you want? RCB has won the cup.’ Looking at this, Modi roars in joy – ‘Ee Sala Cup Namde and Mundin Sala Nu Cup Namde.’

rcb fans worldwide

#8 Vatal Nagaraj will remove his cap and glasses

The Bandhman of Karnataka, Mr. Vatal Nagaraj will finally remove his cap and glasses to celebrate the win. There will be no wonder if he calls for Bengaluru Bandh on the very next day of the finale.

if RCB

#9 There will be new notes of 11 Rs. in Red and Gold color

The central government will print Rs.11 notes in Red and Gold color to commemorate the historic win of RCB after 10 long years.


if RCB

#10 May 27th will be declared as a Government Holiday and it will be celebrated as the ‘World Fans Day’

May 27th is the finale of IPL 2018 and to celebrate RCB’s win, the day will be declared as the ‘World Fans Day’ dedicating to RCB fans worldwide.

if RCB


#11 Students will study this Epic Win as a chapter in their SSLC books

There will be a chapter in all the SSLC books where students will study the hardship of RCB team, how RCB fans stood by them and how finally the team managed to win the cup after 10 long years. Moral of the chapter will be ‘Commitment and Hope will lead you to Success.’

if RCB

#12 RCB fans will become Motivation speakers

With all the hardship they went through in these 10 years, RCB fans will start giving motivational talks. They will speak about how they trolled CSK fans despite not winning a single cup and how they supported RCB without losing an ounce of hope. Claps claps claps!

if RCB

Ahh, we are not sure that these things are going to happen but the hope is SUPER-ON that #EeSalaCupNamde


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