18 Insane and Hilarious Results You can Expect If Google Were a Bengalurian

google were a bengalurian

Bengalurians are a synonym for adjustment; they adjust with traffic, chaos, potholes, and we even stand for hours to get that one plate of Masala Dose from Vidyarthi Bhavan. Sounds crazy but it is true. We were just thinking as what if Google were a Begalurian? What happens when the World’s most efficient search engine gets into the blood of Benglauru? Here are the insane results you can expect if Google were a Bengalurian.

How to Save Money?

First, you learn to take your change back from BMTC conductor. You will save a lot.

google were a bengalurian

Things to do in Bangalore

Showing Results for Bengaluru

Search instead for Bangalore

google were a bengalurian

Best Honeymoon Spots in India

Nandi Hills Bro. Forever. If not Nandi Hills then it has to be Wonderla.

google were a bengalurian

Best Street Food in India

Well, people say Mumbai but do not follow the Mass because ‘M’ in mass is always Silent. Go to VV Puram food street in Bengaluru. Check this out – What to eat in VV Puram Food Street


How to succeed in IT Industry?

In order to succeed in IT Industry, you need to cross three bridges. They are KR Puram Bridge, Marathahalli Bridge, and Silk Board Bridge.

google were a bengalurian

The shortest route to Goa from Bengaluru

Simple. Go straiiiiightuu. Ondeeey Road. Take left. Take right. You will get a bridge but don’t go on it. Take a service road and ask someone in the signal. Thank you.

google were a bengalurian

When is the next Flipkart Sale?

Guru, go to Commercial street or Jayanagar Shopping complex. You will get it for a better price. You better check this list – Shopping Streets in Benglauru


What is the age of SRK?

Did you mean: Age of Shivraj Kumar

google were a bengalurian

Synonym for WTF

NaK**n, Sh***a

google were a bengalurian

How to Lose Weight in One Month

Join a start-up or if you want an immediate result then open a start-up.

google were a bengalurian

Meaning of Gowda



proper noun

The one who cannot live without Non-Veg food.

google were a bengalurian

Best Food in the World

Masala Dose.

google were a bengalurian

Best People in the World

The one who eats Masala Dose.


Best Questions To Ask

Dip ah Separate ah?

google were a bengalurian

Admission in Bishop Cotton

google were a bengalurian

Career options after Engineering

Mtech, Ms, Photography, Story writing, Art of waiting in the Silk Board junction, Cab Driving, Meme Making.

google were a bengalurian

Best Team in the IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore aka RCB.


Can RCB win IPL this time?

Ee Sala Cup Namde.

google were a bengalurian

How to succeed in life?

Sade. If I knew that I will not be sitting here answering your stupid questions.

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